Joshua 24:15 Chalkboard Art with Chalk Ink Markers

scooI love the look of chalk art, but have had no luck free handing fun typography on my own.  It was looks amateurish and sloppy.  After having done a craft project with oil paint Sharpie Pens earlier this month, I was curious if I could use a stencil  on a chalkboard and some chalk markers to make my own chalk art look more professional.

I was recently sent some Chalkola Liquid Chalk Ink Markers to review at no cost to myself.  I was very pleased with how fluid they were to use and they worked very well with a stencil on a chalkboard.Chalk Ink MarkersI purchased a house shaped chalkboard at Walmart for $5 and change.  Then I cut a vinyl stencil out with my Silhouette machine.  I chose to use a Bible verse, but you can use any stencil quote or design from the store for this project.  Just use some painter’s tape to tape it down at the sides or roll it so it double sticks and attach the stencil that way.  As long as it lays flush to the surface and you can ‘color’ over it, you’re good.    Color over your stencil with the chalk ink.  To get the chalk to work, you just shake the marker (cap on please!) for about 30 seconds and then you press it down over and over until the chalk ink flows into the tip.  Once you get the chalk ink into the tip, it flows pretty well with minimal pressing.  It ‘colored’ quite nicely over my stencil.Let it dry if it’s wet (I waited about 10 minutes).  And then take your stencil off.Voila!  Professional looking chalk art done by yourself 🙂  And when you want to change it up.  Just wipe it off with a wet cloth or magic eraser and design something new.

You can see from my pictures that the ink is very vibrant and doesn’t actually have a ‘chalky’ look to it.  The white didn’t go on quite as smooth as the colored ones did, but regardless still much better than an actual stick of chalk!  The tips are bullet shaped (as opposed to angled) and are 5.5 mm.  I wished they were a bit finer, for thinner outlines and details, but they worked well for what I did.If you’re wondering about getting the chalk ink off, well your mileage may vary due to your surface, but I had to touch up some spots on my chalkboard and I had no issues getting the chalk off with a bit of water and a cloth.

I am really pleased with the markers, and I look forward to creating new designs, on this house shaped chalkboard as well as other chalk surfaces I have, in the future.. To learn more visit the Chalkola website. You can also get 10% off these Chalkola Liquid Chalk Ink Markers if you purchase them on and use the coupon code TDDCHALK.

2 thoughts on “Joshua 24:15 Chalkboard Art with Chalk Ink Markers

  1. Seriously- I NEED that Silhouette machine. Everyone keeps showing their cute crafts using it. UGH! I’m just going to break down and buy me one. This is SO cute Tammy!

    By the way — I miss you friend!! Hope I get to see you soon. I’m going to Austin in October for 2 days. Don’t know how close that is to Dallas 🙂

  2. I love this Scripture and think your Chalkboard with the scripture on it is very pretty! You sure did a good job on it, and I would love to make one of these for my home!

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