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Bad Form Evenflo

At the top of my blog in the right hand side bar, you may take notice of the ad widget that I have there from Jungle Ad Network.  You will usually find content for parents and families, deals and/or new products on the widget. 

Recently Evenflo had an Are You a Savvy Parent ad campaign with a number of videos for their Momentum65 Convertible Car Seat.  Now as far as I know, the widget on my blog is muted unless you choose to listen to the sound.  Other bloggers apparently did not have their mute buttons enabled on their widgets, and when this campaign started were inundated with e-mails from their readers concerned with the content of these videos.

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Want to Boost Your Brain Power In 10 Minutes?

Courtesy of arqueraI know many of my readers are really busy.  Some of you homeschool, like I do.  Some work outside the home, or are work at home moms (well I mean for pay, ALL moms are work at home moms!).  Many of you are on the run constantly taking your kids to one activity or another.

So do you ever get just 10 minutes for yourself during the day?  If you do, what do you do with that time?  Watch t.v., surf the internet, read, exercise?  Or is that the only time you have to shut the door and go to the bathroom in peace, LOL!?

I’m pretty fortunate with just one teenager and being able to stay home and homeschool her, I actually get a lot of “me” time.  I spend most of that time blogging or doing social networking, something I

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