Bad Form Evenflo

At the top of my blog in the right hand side bar, you may take notice of the ad widget that I have there from Jungle Ad Network.  You will usually find content for parents and families, deals and/or new products on the widget. 

Recently Evenflo had an Are You a Savvy Parent ad campaign with a number of videos for their Momentum65 Convertible Car Seat.  Now as far as I know, the widget on my blog is muted unless you choose to listen to the sound.  Other bloggers apparently did not have their mute buttons enabled on their widgets, and when this campaign started were inundated with e-mails from their readers concerned with the content of these videos.

As it should happen I had my blog up in one browser window while surfing in several others, when I heard some cute catchy music and then some disturbing language, wondering what  page I had up that would be playing such content, I went looking to close it down.  I was shocked to know that it was on my blog, and it was one of the Evenflo videos in question ‘How to Repair Your Husband’s Bruised Ego’.  I could see (or rather hear) the concern of these readers.

There were three planned videos to run during this campaign and due to the controversial nature of the video, Jungle Ad Network made a decision to not air the third one in the rotation of the widget.  Aptly titled ‘How to Recover From a Potty Mouth Moment’.

As Jungle Ad Network wanted to hear our opinions on this video, I went to the site to view it.

I for one am glad that they policed themselves and took it out of the widget.  It is definitely content that I would find offensive on my site.  I personally don’t find it cute at all.

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t Evenflo maybe just have marketed their carseat in a way that wouldn’t have offended a good many people?  I don’t know many that would be turned off by a video ad that showed the merits of the car seat, but the way they presented it, I’m sure turned off plenty.

It makes me wonder whether Mel Gibson was a consultant on this campaign.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you can view the video by clicking on the picture below.  It will take you directly to the Evenflo site.   Come back and let me know if you think it’s harmless or whether you think it’s bad form by Evenflo.

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents. Evenflo and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post.

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