Bulls & Bears ~ Sports to Stock Market Gifts

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Depending on what kind of activities you find enjoyable, the term “Bulls & Bears” can mean very different things. Some automatically think sports, others the stock market. Should you have some one on your holiday gift list that prescribes to either of those two definitions of the phrase, we have some unforgettable gifts for you.

A Chicago Bulls Candy Jar, filled up with favorite treats for the fan that they can enjoy while watching the game. For extra sentiment find a place that will personalize the jar with their name!

In 2005 a two disc DVD set was released that documents the background of the Chicago Bears. Mike Ditka and Walter Payton are featured. You’re sure to receive a rousing applause from the Bears fan for this gift!

Believe it or not, Wall Street is possibly watched more by investors than any ball game out there, and for those that find the ups and downs of the market more fascinating then field goals or free throws there are stock market gifts to be had as well.

You can find sculptures, clocks, business card cases, bookends and more, in bulls, bears or both! Of course we all prefer a bull market, but a bear market is a part of the cycle, and those that speculate on Wall Street have a reason to display some décor showing the Bull Vs. Bear!

So whether it’s a Chicago Sports Fan or a Day Trader on your list Bulls & Bears gifts can be had for either!

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