Review & Give Away: Two New Products from Blistex

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As the season changes and colder weather moves in, it’s important to keep lips hydrated to prevent dry, chapped lips. Blistex, known for providing breakthrough lip care solutions for more than 60 years, is excited to introduce two new products – Moisture Melt and Simple and Sensitive. One delivers innovative moisturization never seen before in a lip balm and the other is for daily moisturization with just six ingredients specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

· Blistex Moisture Melt is a super hydrating balm with shea butter and aloe-enriched soft beads that are suspended in the formula and melt into lips for an added moisturizing boost and long-lasting resistance to dryness. The formula is infused with rich moisturizers and a proven skin protectant, perfect for keeping your pout healthy all winter long.

· Blistex Simple and Sensitive contains only six carefully selected ingredients, including cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba, vitamin E, microcrystalline wax and a preservative (phenoxyethanol), making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Lip balm users who are conscious about the number of ingredients in their personal care products will also enjoy Simple and Sensitive.

The Blistex Moisture Melt is the bomb! I love it! You can see the moisture beads in the product. I was expecting it to ‘tingle’ when I put it on, but it doesn’t. It is also ‘sunscreen for your lips’ as it has ingredients that offer an SPF of 15. I haven’t had a chance to try it in that capacity, but it sounds like a winner for outdoor use.

 The Blixtex Simple and Sensitive is an interesting product. It glides on in texture just like a regular lip balm, but it is perfect for those that have allergic reactions, men (LOL), and little kids/toddlers that love smearing lip balm on by themselves. Because it has just six ingredients, no flavor, no fragrance, no color, it works very well exactly as it’s named, for those that want something simple and for those that are sensitive.

Both of these lip moisturizers get a A+ rating from me. The quality name of Blistex with innovations for your lifestyle to protect your lips year round in an affordable way (with an expected retail price of $0.99 – $2.49). If you have sensitive lips, you definitely want to try the Blistex Simple and Sensitive!

Let me tell you – these would be good, actually great for stocking stuffers or for ‘thank you’ gifts for teachers and/or service personnel at the holidays. You really can’t go wrong with the “Simple and Sensitive” in that case. I don’t know a girl who isn’t thankful for an extra tube of lip balm to have on hand!

Tammy Litke, participated in this campaign for Blistex. She received media samples of the above products to facilitate her review, as well as other products. All opinions stated are her own.

Blistex is offering THREE Three Different Directions Readers the Blistex Moisture Melt & Simple and Sensitive!

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Leave a comment telling me whether you are a Lip Balm Addict. If not you, who is the Lip Balm Addict in your life?

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79 thoughts on “Review & Give Away: Two New Products from Blistex

  1. I am so addicted to lip balm. I like the stick kind more than those gooey gels. I always have some kind of lip balm in every room of my house.

  2. Definitely me! I have a whole tray of lip balms, but I'm always trying to find the perfect one!!

  3. I am a lip balm addict; I always have Chapstick or Blistex in my purse and I use it daily.

  4. I would say I am definitely the lip balm addict in this house. I have to have one all the time and I love trying different ones. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  5. It's a tie between myself and my teenage daughter on who is the worst lip balm addict in our house.

  6. My husband is a total lip balm addict – must have one in his pocket (usually his hand) at all times!

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