SeaWorld® Kids – Underwater ABCs™ Smartphone App

SeaWorld® Kids – Underwater ABCs™ helps your preschool child master the basic way to write both upper and lower case letters and starts the building block of your child’s learning how to print and read.  Being able to trace the letter with their fingers allows them to understand the motions they need to employ prior to even putting a pencil in their hands.  The app also gives them an alphabetical study in sea life!

The Underwater ABCs™ activities are simple and straightforward and doesn’t take much for a young child to understand.  The app allows them to choose upper or lower case letters from the main screen after pressing the play button, and then the app just progresses to the next letter in the alphabet.

With each letter they trace following the star pattern, they unlock the treasure box at the bottom of the screen to reveal a sea life creature that starts with the same letter of the alphabet that they just completed tracing.

The progress is shown by having the letters change from the basic ‘wood’ looking tile to a colored one on the alphabet screen.

The chart can be reset by going into the settings. Parents can also turn off the music and the voice in the app in the settings menu as well.

Underwater ABCs™ is a cute introduction to tracing letters.  I think it could be improved a bit by giving some kind of accolade to the children when they complete either the alphabet in its entirety.  Right now the app just cycles through the upper and lower case letters with nothing showing an ‘ending.’  It would also have been neat if the sea creatures were different with the upper and lower case, but the same fish come out regardless of which case the kids are tracing.

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You can find the app for download on both iTunes and Google Play.

• iTunes:
• Google Play:

At $2.99 it’s on the pricier side for an app that only does one thing (tracing letters), but the colors are bright, the music is not annoying and there are no ads.  It’s a well put together app for what it does do, so there’s something to be said for that.

SeaWorld® Kids also has a couple of other apps that can be accessed by the icon in the lower right hand corner of the ‘play’ screen.  It’s nice that a parent gate control is in place so little ones can’t access this feature.  You can check them out below:

Stay on the Ice!™
· iTunes:!-fun-adventure/id909327547
· Google Play:

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· Itunes:
· Google Play:

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  1. We used an iPad app to help my daughter learn how to trace letters that looked similar to the Seaworld Kids app. Today's kids are so tech-savvy that they are looking for electronic supplements to their learning.

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