Battleship Give Away

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Back in the 1970s you would have found my siblings and I playing a popular Hasbro game where ever we went. I don’t know how many plastic pegs we lost while playing Battleship, but I do know that you it was not a good idea to leave the red and blue cases filled with your subs and aircraft carriers in the back seat on a hot summer day…yeah we had some melting occur!

If you have been to the movie theater lately I’m sure you’ve seen the trailers for the new movie Battleship which is based on the plastic grid game where you attempt to sink your opponents fleet by guessing where their ships are using XY coordinates. But this is a much more futuristic story of the classic game where it’s not axis and allies, but allies and ….aliens!

We loved playing this game with the new pieces and like how compact it is to take with us when we go out. It’s updated a bit with some power-up cards as well that allow you to change up the game play from just guessing where the ships are on the game board.

It is a little difficult to get the ships out of the holes after playing if they’ve been place in with any pressure, and mom or dad may have to help younger ones put the cases back together as that can be a little tricky as well.


Also available from Hasbro is the KRE-O BATTLESHIP COMBAT CHOPPER SET. Kids can pretend to take their mission to the skies with this building toy.

We haven’t had a chance to put this together yet, but I have no doubt that the little block builder we know will have a grand time following the illustrated instructions to create this helicopter vehicle.

The set includes 174 bricks, one KREON fighter pilot and one alien KREON figure with a twin turbine jetpack. Pushing down on the lever will spin the rotor and launch missiles at incoming alien attacks!

Geared for ages 7 and up, it might be a little difficult for some of the younger ones to put it together on their own, but if your child is adept with building blocks, the instructions seem pretty clear without knowing how to read, and they should be able to construct it with a little help.

The bricks are compatible with other leading brands, so if your child wants to build past what the kit includes….they’re only limited by their imagination and how many other building bricks they have!

The mrsp of the KRE-O BATTLESHIP COMBAT CHOPPER SET is $19.99.

Disclosure: Media Samples of these products were provided by Hasbro. All opinions are my own.

If your kids are all over the new Battleship movie and would like to have some of the movie action right in your own home, I have a giveaway for these products!

One reader will win Classic Battleship Movie Edition game and a KRE-O Battleship Combat Chopper set courtesy of Hasbro.

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