May the 4th Be With You! Star Wars Day Give Away

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Get it? Get it? May the FOURTH be with you?! Okay, okay my nerdy, geeky side is apparently coming out! That’s right today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day!

My daughter had a Star Wars party this year for her 16th birthday, where the kids had Star Wars potato chips, Yoda Soda and played Star Wars Monopoly and made some Darth Vader origami, I only wished we would have had these new Star Wars Fighter Pods for them to have played with too, they would have had a blast with them!


More than 100 figures are available in a unique new style from all six STAR WARS films and The Clone Wars animated series!

STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS are micro heroes for mega battles! Players use the fighter pods to knock down as many figures as possible. Spin, launch or roll your pod into battle…(because that’s much cooler than saying “table bowling” LOL!). For more ‘power’ you can connect the Pods together, and even place figures on top or inside them!

These guys are SO cute! I mean look at that mini Jango Fett, how adorable is he?! But that doesn’t stop the kids from wanting to knock them all down!

The pictures in this post are some of the pieces you’ll find in the STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS AT-AT and SNOWSPEEDER Pack (msrp $19.99). Altogether it includes 16 figures (4 of them are exclusive to this pack), three clear Pods, three colored Pods and two large vehicles!

So you want to know how to bribe your kids to be good this summer? Behave and do their chores? To add to your STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS collection you can get them Mystery Bags at just $2.99 each. Each bag has two figures, one of which is always exclusive to the mystery bag and one clear Pod. What a great affordable incentive.

There are also other STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS sets you can get, ranging in price from $5.99 to $14.99 so there is a good mix of price ranges no matter the occasion you’re purchasing them for.

Disclosure: Media samples of the products were provided by Hasbro. All opinions are my own.

One lucky reader will receive a 16-pack of figures and Fighter Pods and 2 Fighter Pods Mystery Bags from Hasbro!

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