B is for Baking: 50 Yummy Dishes to Make Together Cookbook

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This is a perfect cookbook for use with little ones in the kitchen!  The recipes are easy to make, don’t take long to cook and your kids will be able to help and you won’t sweat about letting them!

With help from their favorite Sesame Street characters you’ll have ‘50 Yummy Dishes to Bake Together’.  B is for Baking is written by Susan McQuillan, and being a nutritionist and food writer, you’ll notice that the recipes encourage incorporation of whole grains and fruits and vegetables too.

We really liked perusing the book right off the bat, to find a couple of recipes to make right away for this review.

The first recipe we tried was ‘Elmo’s Pizza Party’.  Quite seriously – if you have a bread machine a 4 or 5 year old could make this all on their own!  With the bread machine doing all the “hard labor” – measuring, pouring, rolling out the dough and then the most fun part; adding the toppings can all be done with just supervision of the parent – how’s that for a kids’ cookbook?!  Oh and Elmo’s Pizza dough….DELICIOUS!


The other recipe we made was Oscar’s Crumbly Apple Crumble.  This one was a little more time and work intensive for mom, but uses simple ingredients and the kids can help with the ‘crumble’ portion.  What I especially loved was the small activities included with each recipe to still engage the child helping when they needed to ‘sit’ some steps out because of safety or skill.

B is for Baking is constructed for the kitchen, being spiral bound so the pages lay flat while you’re using it.  The pages are brightly colored and appealing for children, so even if they don’t want to help you ‘bake’ the recipes – they may want to at least ‘choose’ the recipes!

I liked that there was a mixture of both classic recipes (like the two I made and ones like banana cream pie and snickerdoodles) but also ones that may be new flavors for families (like veggie strata and tomato drop biscuits).  The beginning of the book is FULL of tips on working with kids in the kitchen, techniques and how-to’s along with pan and ingredient substitutions.

This is a wonderful cookbook if you have young children, and would work very well as a class to choose a recipe each week to make if you homeschool.

Sesame Street B is for Baking: 50 Yummy Dishes to Make Together is published by Wiley and retails for $16.95.

I received a copy of this title for review.

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