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If someone asked me what my favorite candy is, it would be a toss up between white chocolate and candy corn – so imagine my delight to find out that there are new M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate this season!

I’m sure they’re yummy to eat and even fun to make crafts with….Now if only I could find them! They’ve been pretty elusive here in Podunk.

I headed out to Walmart to find them – I hunted just about everywhere in the store – I found pumpkins, and candy corn, and M&M’s ….but Candy Corn White Chocolate ones 🙁 . Okay so I challenge you to find them…but print this coupon out before you shop, I’m all about saving a buck on candy.

But back to crafting with M&M’s – any M&M’s will do if you want to make a Candy Countdown Calendar.

This craft was very simple, and although we made this one Halloween themed, you can change up the stickers for any time of year Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations – you name it – you can countdown with your favorite M&M’s to that special day! Oh and where are the M&M’s you ask? —

Inside the containers of course.

Let me show you how I made this Candy Countdown Calendar featuring M&M’s.


1 – 18×13 baking sheet (you will need it that large to fit 30 mini containers on. If you find smaller containers or use less you can use a standard 17×11 sheet.)
30 Mini storage containers with lids
2 Bags of M&M’s any flavor
Permanent marker
Velcro or Magnet Pieces that will allow you to adhere but also remove the container from the baking sheet
Ribbon – and adhesive to apply it


1. With your permanent marker number the lids of the mini containers from 1 to 30 and decorate them with stickers

2. Using your adhesive of choice; adhere the bottoms of the mini containers to the baking sheet. We glued Velcro pieces to the pan and then to the bottom of the container, for easy removability. However, you could use strong magnets for this as well, especially if you use metal containers (we used plastic). Strong double sided tape, or looped around packing or duct tape would probably work as well.

3. Dividing up the 2 bags of M&M’s, fill the containers with them (and eat some as you’re filling…)and then seal with the lids. You can choose to put the numbers in order – or for a challenge mix them up so your kids have to look for them each day!

4. Once your containers are sealed and you know they are sticking firmly to the baking sheet, flip the baking sheet over. On the back of your baking sheet, adhere your ribbon. We used clear packing tape and cotton fabric cut into a long strip and folded over multiple times.

5. Start counting down to Halloween! There are only 30 days to countdown…because on day 31 there will more than a mini container full of candy to be had!

You can check out my This Moment Slide show to see my hunt for the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M’s.  Next week I’m going to be headed out to a much larger city, and I’m hoping to find them at a Walmart there.

What kind of crafts do you like to do at Halloween with your family? Have you tried the new White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M’s? If you have what did you think of them?

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13 thoughts on “How to Make a Candy Countdown Calendar – #MMsGetCorny

  1. What a great idea! I might do this for Christmas since we have 3 children and I don't want to use 3 advent calendars. These containers will each hold enough goodies for 3 children. 😀

  2. Not So Average Mama;

    I got them from the Dollar Tree – a package of 10 was…well $1 LOL 🙂

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