Armadillo Dollar–Firewall For Your Wallet

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You may not even be aware but your whole identity could be taken from you without anyone every touching your wallet or passport.  You don’t even have to be shopping online. Why?

RFID <—Radio Frequency Identification.  It’s everywhere.  Those employee badges that you scan to get in a building. RFID.  Your shopping loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, the credit cards you can just wave over the scanner.  RFID.  If you have a passport that bears a rectangle with a circle in it on the cover.  That too has RFID. 

The RFID chips store data about you on them.  It’s really kind of like your life on a barcode.  Wow, I don’t know if I’m impressed or scared.  Actually, I’m both.

So here in lies the identity theft dilemma.  A thief with an RFID skimmer can steal and clone your information while any RFID cards are in your wallet or purse.  This is accomplished at usually a few feet, but with sophisticated antennas, the signal can be targeted at a greater distance and read right through your clothing, purse or wallet unless you have something blocking the signal.

Enter The Armadillo Dollar, an RFID shield to protect against identity theft for bi-fold and tri-fold wallets.

Put it in the back of your wallet, making certain it is behind your RFID cards and close your wallet, and it reduces the active range for your RF tagged cards to 1/2”.

I haven’t had a chance to actually use the Armadillo Dollars sent to me yet, and I don’t have an RFID scanner at home obviously, but after watching this Tucson newscast to see if it works, I am confident that I’m securing my identity as much as I can by carrying an Armadillo Dollar in my wallet.

The Armadillo Dollar makes a great unique stocking stuffer for EVERYONE!  The Armadillo Dollar Black Card Folder is $34.95 and the Original Armadillo Dollar is $24.95.  You can save 20% on your purchase this season by using the code ‘threeholiday’ at checkout.

For more information about Armadillo Dollar, how it’s made and how it works, as well as other tips on how to stay safe from identity theft visit

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of Armadillo Dollar and was supplied with samples and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.


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