A Most Relaxing Memory

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Have you ever wished you could just while away a day at the edge of the ocean, just relaxing with a cool breeze bringing in the scent of the sea?

The other day I was sitting in my living room, with a Shoreline scented candle burning, while I was surfing the web on a site with a Bamboo rug.  Just then something triggered my memory.  Smells and photos (especially combined together!) can do that.  It’s like a direct link from your nose and eyes to your memory.

Those two senses made me remember the cabanas on the Caribbean beaches we’ve been to.  There isn’t much in them except a bed with a Seagrass rug on the floor next to it, a couple of chairs and a low table.  Nothing terribly special, but the kind of place where you can just drop your worries before you enter and relax.

While it will be some time before I’m in the Caribbean again, I’m glad I have some great memories to recall of the fantastic times we’ve had there before.  It might only be a five or ten minute getaway in my mind, but it’s actually quite surprising how much remembering it actually relaxes me in the here and now of my everyday routine.

Do you have a memory that’s relaxing for you, or maybe a special scent or activity that helps alleviate your busy routine?

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