Your One Stop Freebie Shop

For some reason, when someone mentions the word “FREE” my heart begins to pump double time and I get that fluttery feeling in my stomach.  There’s nothing like that rush of opening the mail box and finding something other than a bill in it.  A little package to try, that you didn’t have to pay for!

About a month ago I was made aware of a site called  I love this site, and think it’s a great idea so you can find all those freebies in one place, instead of site hopping to find free samples of new products.

I have limited time in my day (as I’m sure you all do too), and try to get the most out of the time I have to surf the net, so having one place to visit and grab all the free stuff, is almost like having a virtual assistant of my own!

The site is easy to navigate and has freebies for everyone, as well as listings of store deals, promotions and yep a giveaway or two as well.  It’s All Free Online’s Facebook community is HUGE; 21,000+ people are “liking” free samples.

There is a great assortment of freebie choices, so I’d bookmark their page if that kind of thing is up your alley (yeah, I know, who doesn’t like free?!), that way you can feel justified when your internet bill and your free samples show up at the same time  .

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