Custom T-shirts is a very cool website, you can purchase custom t-shirts there from a vast variety of existing designs, or you can create your own t-shirt using the tools on their website.

Amber created her own t-shirt on their website and had so much fun doing it.  With over 7500 images and 400 fonts to choose from, including I Heart Shirts and Vintage T-shirts, she was occupied for hours!  She combined a number of different clip art images to make a t-shirt completely unique to her.


When I asked her if she had any trouble creating her t-shirt using’s online tools, she said the only hard part was sifting through all the images to use.  There are so many and she thought that sometimes the categories had images in them that she thought belonged elsewhere.  Other than that, she said it was easy and very fun.

After you’ve finished your creation and saved your design, you have a number of different clothing pieces to choose from.  T-shirts of different styles, hoodies, tanktops and all different sizes from infants to adults.  Just make sure you check the sizing guide as one product may have different measurements than another.

After you’ve ordered your garment, it only takes a few days to get it in the mail!  All in all Amber was pleased with the way her t-shirt came out and couldn’t wait to wear it.  As a parent, I would consider the $23 (that cost includes the shipping) that this shirt cost well worth the money, mostly because since she designed it, I know she’ll wear it!

If you want to design your own t-shirt, head over to and see how easy it is!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by and received a t-shirt to facilitate my post”.

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