Your New Year’s Resolutions?! Master Lock Give Away

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Well I don’t know how many of you made a New Year’s resolution, but I usually don’t only because I know that I probably won’t follow through with it! This year I decided to actually make one. Just one though, that way I won’t have so much pressure to actually stick to more than one.

Yes, like many it has to do with my health. Not so much a diet or weight loss, but more of a resolution to eat healthier. To incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my day, and eat more whole grains. And of course exercising more – just to be more fit in general.

I’m pretty lucky in that we have an exercise room in the condominium unit that I live in, and so I just have to walk down the hall to use the treadmill or weights, but if a fitness club or gym is in the plan for your New Year’s resolution a Master Lock is a great way to secure your personal items when you are working out.

Because you’re focusing on getting your body in shape, we will give the mind a bit of a break! The 1535D Master Lock allows you to create your own numeric combination. That way you don’t have to add another 4 digit number to the many you already have to remember…and if you do happen to forget it…well it’s easy to reset with just a coin on the bottom of the lock! And don’t forget to head to the Master Lock Vault to store the combination of your lock and other sensitive information.

One of the other nice features of the 1535D is the dial grip points for accurate dialing. Whether your hands are damp from swimming, sweaty from pumping iron or you need to unlock one handed because of a pile of books…or a toddler – this is quite handy.

I read an article in a magazine a couple of years ago that stated that writing down you resolution on paper makes you 83% more likely to be successful at your goal, and it takes 21 consecutive days for a new resolution to become a habit!

So if you’re headed to the gym, or maybe back to school – write down your goal, make it a habit…and lock up your stuff! Visit the Live Secure Safety Squad landing page, to see what the other Squad members are chatting about in regards to New Year’s resolutions.

I am a Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad Ambassador. I receive products courtesy of Master Lock, but the opinions in this review and any others as part of this program are 100% mine. Published by Tammy Litke.

One of you will win a Master Lock to help with your New Year’s Resolution!

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70 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Resolutions?! Master Lock Give Away

  1. Master Lock also makes the bike locks like No. 8195DLW. I like that this bike lock comes with a $1000 anti-theft guarantee!

  2. I like the Shrouded Padlocks 6527. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy New Year!

  3. I learned they have Hasps and Hasplocks, for hard-to-lock property. I never knew such things existed!

  4. want their Master Lock 175D Resettable Set-Your-Own Combination Lock

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  5. i have one of their Combination Padlocks but i like that these ones have numbers and letters

  6. My daughter could use this at school

    Thank you… Single Dad Danny

  7. BIKE LOCKS – NO. 8200D street cuff lock would be perfect for my bike. 🙂 Thank you.

  8. I like their Bike Locks – could use one of those for my awesome vintage bicycle 🙂

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