You Grill, Girl! Knowing What’s In Your Hot Dog | Applegate Giveaway

This summer, you’re taking over the grill. Even if you’re new to it, don’t be afraid!  At Applegate they are advocates of Grill Power, and part of that power comes from knowing what’s in your hot dog.Applegate is ready to help you serve up some cleaner wieners with only four simple ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef (raised without antibiotics or hormones), water, salt, and spices.

To me food just tastes better when it’s made on the grill…plus there is virtually no clean up – BONUS!  And honestly, Applegate hot dogs are about the best we’ve ever tasted.  4th of July Weekend is almost here and that means you’ll be starting up your backyard grill, so why not put some Applegate hot dogs on it for you and your guests?hot-dogsYou don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients, synthetic nitrates, or antibiotics in your hot dog, so there’s more time for the fun stuff – like condiments and accessories! And Applegate encourages you to get sauced… with Sir Kensington’s, the cleanest condiment purveyor around.What's In Your Hot Dog?guilt-free-hot-dogs-applegateWith summer quickly approaching and grills firing up, Applegate would like to send you a kit to become a cleaner wiener grilling master. The kit includes:

–          Applegate Natural Beef Hot Dogs (now made with 100% grass-fed beef)
–          Sir Kensington’s Ketchup and Mustard
–          Vermont Bread Company Natural Buns
–          Applegate Cooler Bag
–          Applegate “You Grill, Girl” Apron
–          Applegate Grilling Mitt
–          Meat Thermometer
–          Applegate Bandanas & hair accessory tutorial
–          Applegate Hot Dog Boats
WHO IS ELIGIBLE : This giveaway is open only to residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.   No PO Boxes.  DURATION : Beginning 2:00:00 PM (CST) on 6/12/15 and ending 11:59:59 PM (CST) ON 6/26/15.  By entering the giveaway you agree to the rules here and agree to have your name or likeness announced as a winner.  VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

124 thoughts on “You Grill, Girl! Knowing What’s In Your Hot Dog | Applegate Giveaway

  1. I should win because this will help make my grilling weekends extra special.

  2. Because anything cooked on the grill is awesome and this would give me the tools to grill them.

  3. my family enjoys hot dogs but we are always afraid whats in the franks. I would love to try these.

  4. I would like to win this because my daughter’s birthday is a few short weeks away and I would love to surprise her with a family party. He husband is currently away at the police academy and she is home with her four year old twin girls. This would make a wonderful surprise for her!

  5. I want to win because it would give me an awesome reason to keep saying “cleaner wieners” over and over. *giggle*

  6. I love backyard grilling it is the quintessential summer event! Plus, it means more outside quality time with my 5 doggies who follow me everywhere

  7. It’s grilling season and this such a great pack to get out and grill with! I love the girl theme.

  8. I am still laughing over “cleaner wieners’. Living in south Texas we grill year round. I would look too cute wearing the bandana and the You Grill Girl apron. I would be the envy of the block.

  9. I would like to win because my kids LOVE hot dogs and I would love to find a hot dot that I won’t feel guilty about giving them.

  10. Grilling is pretty much how we cook in the summer! Would put this prize pack to great use!

  11. I’d love to win as I haven’t had any hot dogs in a long time. They aren’t exactly a healthy food – however I think I could trust this brand!

  12. Looking forward to roasting hotdogs on the beach this summer and trust Applegate as a good hot dog.

  13. We LOVE Applegate in our home with multiple allergies and a preference to eating organic!

  14. Id like to win because we enjoy grilling and Ive never tried Applegate products.

  15. We love applegate and grilling so perfect combo with this, that’s why I want to win!

  16. I’d like to win because we love to eat hot dogs, and I want to feel good about serving them to my family and guests during our cookouts. I also need a new meat thermometer, and the one that’s part of this package looks pretty good. 🙂

  17. We haven’t grilled for a while and I miss it. This would be the perfect time to start up again!

  18. I would love to win because Applegate is gluten free and any time I find something that is good and is gluten free is a great thing. I love Applegate but I haven’t tried their hot dogs yet and would love to try them. Something the entire family can enjoy!

  19. I’d like to win because I love Applegate products and this would be a really fun thing to have.

  20. I would love to win this prize pack because we love to grill at our house, especially healthy hot dogs, and these hot dogs look delicious!

  21. I’d like to win so we could have some great cookouts this summer.

  22. I like my dogs to have nothing artificial in it and just simply good for you. I would love to win these since I know your products are the best on the market!!

  23. I would like to win this basket because my family and I have made the move to more natural hotdogs within the last year. So far, Applegate is one of our top picks and we have no plans of switching back anytime soon! All beef natural hotdogs are the way to go!

  24. I would like to win because the hot dogs are gluten free which I love. This is something the whole family can enjoy!

  25. I want to win this because I would love for my family to get the opportunity to try these hotdogs & see if we all like them! Thanks for the chance!

  26. I would love to win this because we eat hot dogs a lot and the apron is Fabulous

  27. I’d like to win because I’d like to try these products and I could use a new meat thermometer, too

  28. I have been wanting to try Applegate. Our Walmart doesn’t sell them so I might have to check other places.

  29. I love to grill, I love applegate products, I prefer all-beef hotdogs, and the 4th of July is coming up. Winning would make the holiday cookout extra special!

  30. I would love to win this prize pack because I love Applegate products! We are grilling a lot this summer so it would be a fun prize pack that would surely get used.

  31. Because I am hungry :), I love grilling but really because I could let my kids eat hotdogs again, since I won’t feed them conventional hotdogs

  32. We go through a lot of applegate hotdogs in the summer. Love them because they are all natural.

  33. I’ve heard that they are good, but never tried them. This would give me a good excuse!

  34. I’d love to win because we like hot dogs but I’m always worried about what’s in them & these seem like they would take that worry away.

  35. I’ve tried their chicken and apple sausage before and I loved it. I’d love to win so I can try another one of their products. And my son loves hot dogs, so that’s a good reason too.

  36. I would love to win this because I haven’t tried any Applegate products, and this would be a great way to try them. We have a new little man this summer, and I would love to have a few cook outs for his first summer in this world.

  37. I would love to win because this would be really good to use to have a cook out at mom in laws house.

  38. I’d love to win because it has everything for a nice fun weekend cookout with a few friends!

  39. I’d like to win because my hubby loves grilling hot dogs in the summer.

  40. I want to win because we love cooking out on the grill. I haven’t tried Applegate hot dogs yet, but I would love to.

  41. I would love to win because I am a huge fan of these great dogs and we love cooking out on the grill!

  42. I would love to win this because hot dogs are one of my favorite foods!! I also love grilling and aprons 🙂

  43. I’d love to win because this package has some terrific essentials for summer grilling!

  44. This would be perfect for our camping weekend over the 4th of July. We are hosting 3 families, so it should be fun.

  45. It is an awesome prize pack considering most families grill and eat hot dogs regularly, it is a useful giveaway. Also I’d like to win to try and see the “cleaner” in action as well to eat healthier!

  46. I’d like to gift them to my dad so he can start eating better quality hot dogs

  47. I’d love to win because I LOVE Applegate and I seriously can’t get over how cute and awesome the apron/ bandana combo is. I am a girl who grills and I would love to rock the socks off of that Applegate apron! (as did you!)

  48. I would love to win this because we grill every weekend and it is healthier.

  49. Id really like to win this cool prize pack, so me and my 9 year old daughter can have our first 4th of July by ourselves. She would think it was sooo cool, too!

  50. I buy nitrate/nitrite free hotdogs, but have never tried Applegate. I would love to win this and try all these natural products.

  51. I’d like to win because we love grilling out and that apron is awesome.

  52. I would like to win because the prize pack looks really fun, and the meat thermometer would come in handy in the kitchen!

  53. I would like to win so I can have an excuse to make some hot dogs, looks good!

  54. I’d love to win because grilling is the center of our Summer and this prize pack would be the perfect way to kick off the season for our 4th of July BBQ!

  55. I’d love to win mainly because that apron is awesome and I want it!

  56. I’d like to win so i can grill some mean hot dogs and make my husband jealous!

  57. I would love to win so my son and I could have fun grilling this summer.

  58. I want to win this because I like winning things and this looks like a great prize.

  59. Would love this win simply because summer means grilling at least 3 nights a week in our house!

  60. I’d like to win because it’s summertime and I’m in the mood to grill!

  61. I’d like to win because I’ve been on a journey the last 6 months to eat more clean, and I’m craving a hot dog! 🙂

  62. I’d like to win because of I’ve never tried these. My family loves hot dogs cooked on the grill.
    Thank you!

  63. I’d like to support this company, but they sold out to Hormel.

  64. I would love to win because we grill out all of the time. Right now we’re eating chicken dogs, but I would love to try these 100% natural hot dogs. P.S. the apron would be great too!

  65. I’d like this prize package because it looks both fun and delicious.

  66. I would love to be a grillmaster for my grandkids. Give them something healthy and so tasty.

  67. I would love to win as my husband, a fighter pilot who has been deployed abroad for over a year is returning in a few weeks. Our family is planning a gathering at a mountain/lake resort, the perfect environment with the children for grilling and welcoming him back.

  68. I want to win cause all 6 of my kids love hot dogs! The healthier they are the better!!!

  69. This would be perfect! We like to have theme parties – one of our themes this year is “bring your favorite weiner topping” party – we supply all the food & drinks & everyone brings their favorite & most inventive hot dog topping. Thanks!

  70. I have never tried the Applegate brand and would love to!

  71. Applegate brand makes some great gluten free products that my son who has Celiacs disease can eat and enjoy so that is why I would love to win them

  72. I have my grand-kids most of summer, this would help with the food bill. They love to help grill.

  73. I love Applegate products and this would be perfect for the 4th of July, grilling out with family.

  74. I would love this because the hot dogs are 100% beef and I especially like the idea that it is geared toward a female as the “grill master”. Thank you for the great giveaway

  75. I would love to win this for my family. We are trying to eat healthier and I know that Applegate is a great healthier alternative.

  76. It is grilling season! We are always looking for new things to grill

  77. I’d like to win because my daughter loves hot dogs but they gross me out. The dogs sound better than your average dogs!

  78. I’d love this because it looks delicious and fun! I love grilling season!

  79. I would love to win because I love grilling. I enjoy having family and friends ocer for bbqs often in the summer.

  80. I would love to win this amazing prize package because we feed our family organic natural food and these hot dogs sound amazing plus my hubby the grill king would love to grill these dogs out with all this super great attire to deck himself out in…ty for this chance best of luck to everyone!!!!

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