Greenwald’s Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

Greenwald’s Citrus All Purpose Cleaner lets you go toe-to-toe with dirt, sticky spills, and grime. After using this cleaner for about three weeks now, I can say that it has proved its prowess as a speedy way to cut through soil.greenwaldscitrusCitrus All Purpose CleanerGreenwald’s All Purpose Cleaner Kit ($19.95), includes a professional 32-ounce spray bottle and 6 pre-measured concentrate refills.  It’s a budget friendly buy when you figure out the cost, $3.33 a bottle or  just 11¢ an ounce!The easy-to-use refills makes mixing up a bottle a cinch.  The concentrated packets just go right into the trigger spray bottle (no pouring or cutting, just drop it right in!), fill the bottle with warm water, let it sit for a minute, shake it up and Voila!  You can keep using the same bottle too, so less storage space is taken up and even though many people re-cycle their cleaning bottles, I think re-using is still a better option.

It really is the boss for big jobs.  It did well dissolving sticky messes and required very little scrubbing force to wipe off the gunk.  You spray it on (of course always test your cleaning products in an inconspicuous area first, as some cleaners can damage certain surfaces), wipe it down and then clean off any excess cleaner with a water damp cloth.

The light citrus scent will make your home smell terrific too!

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