Worx Toys Makes Fashion Statement with Bo-Po Nail Polish

Have a little nail painting fashionista in your house?  It can be a parent’s worst nightmare.  Traditional nail polish can cause a major mess and permanent stains, but parents can now have no fear.  Worx Toys is here with a safe, mess-free alternative.

Bo-Po nail polish.

Bo-Po stands for Brush On – Peel Off.  It’s the cool new stylish nail polish for kids that makes a quick and easy mess-free fashion statement in seconds.

Bo-Po, (MSRP $3.99/each; various multi-packs up to $20), is recommended for ages 3 and up and comes in 10 vibrant colors and tinting shades for the most marvelous manicures and posh pedicures.

Bo-Po spreads on finger and toe nails just like regular nail polish, but unlike traditional based polishes, Bo-Po does not contain any of the harmful chemicals or odors, and there isn’t any need for harsh Acetone based remover because it simply peels off.

Bo-Po dries to the touch in less than 60 seconds and it can be peeled off to start over again.  Addictive fun!

Each Bo-Po polish comes in a unique spill-proof bottle, which eliminates the risk of stains to clothes, floors or furniture as a result of accidental tipping.

Media samples of the product were received for this post.

Amazingly, the bottles will not spill even if turned completely upside down, and in the chance that you do get Bo-Po on fabric it washes out easily with just soap and water.

With Bo-Po, kids can create any color pattern to match their mood, outfit or personal style.  Changing the color is as simple as peeling it off. 

For more information on the company, visit the websites at www.worxtoys.com and www.bo-po.com.

8 thoughts on “Worx Toys Makes Fashion Statement with Bo-Po Nail Polish

  1. While this is a great idea My daughter has to repaint her nails like everyday with peel paint.

  2. Yes. These fun, easy-to-use nail glosses were around in the 80s, when I was a teen, and I did use them (my fave was a bright red called REDdy or not). They were by Tinkerbell, a manufacturer of "junior" cosmetics and bath enhancers. No, this unique beauty novelty isn't JUST for kids. Now that they've been relaunched, I ordered myself an 8-pack. They say the formulation is improved, and the colors are prettier than ever and more varied (the bright red is now called OMG!, and there's a green, a yellow, a blue, and three sparkly sheer colors to boot)

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