Where I Get My Inspiration

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One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about my blog is the opportunities I’ve had to make and create family friendly recipes. While it is certainly easy to type some ingredients into a search engine or find ideas on brand websites one of my favorite sources of menu planning are magazines.

Menu ideas and recipes to tinker with are abundant in all kinds of magazines and I admit to having a few Magazine Subscriptions.

In general they take up much less space than cookbooks, and are usually quite a bit cheaper too, especially when you get a subscription.

www.subcriptionaddiction.com is offering all Moms a 15% savings by using coupon code mom15per at checkout. A few of the magazines that I really like that they carry are Cook’s Country Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Healthy Cooking Magazine and Taste of Home. I also often find inspiration for my recipes from FamilyFun Magazine and Parents, which they also sell on their site.

Magazine subscriptions also make really good gifts too. For many years we gave my mother-in-law a Readers Digest Magazine subscription in Large Print to her for her birthday. She preferred reading that in bed at night because they weren’t heavy like a book, and because the articles are shorter than most chapters in books, if she got tired she could just stop at the end of an article and put it down for the night.

Some magazine subscriptions also come with digital editions as well as a free bonus. You can access the online edition as long as you subscribe to the print edition. This allows you to view the magazine online at anytime, makes it easy to search based on topics, and any links within the articles allow you to view additional features right from the page. How cool is that? I’m not sure which titles have these features but I know FamilyFun does…because I subscribe to that one!

Are you a magazine junkie? If so which ones do you subscribe to?

3 thoughts on “Where I Get My Inspiration

  1. I haven't been a magazine junkie since Pinterest, but I do love love finding new things to feed and entertain the family.

  2. Not much of a magazine reader except for when I am in the doctor's waiting room. I get a lot of hand me downs from people and I agree, they are the best source for recipes.

  3. I luv to get and read magazines…BH & G, RR, and Country Home are a few that I get.
    Taste of Home is also a fav and I never throw them out…lol.

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