When You’re 40, You’ll Understand Why I’m Still 40

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Photo Credit: Starck TingI had to look ‘over top’ of my glasses today to read something…I think that means I’m getting old! 

I just turned 38 and bi-focals are sure to be in my future soon, bah!  I usually use our eye care insurance to get my contact lenses covered.  Then armed with the Rx of my glasses from the optometrist I purchase cheap eyeglasses online.

When I say cheap I actually mean inexpensive, because when I’ve purchased eyeglasses online I’ve never had a problem with quality, the lenses have always been cut to my prescription.  You can usually find stylish frames that look like designer branded ones for a fraction of the price.  I mean really, who besides you knows what’s stamped on the inside of the frame anyway?  Buying from an online optical website gives me a better price because they cut out the middleman.  And that’s a good thing for me, because bi-focals can be expensive!

All this talk of bi-focals and getting old reminds me of a something ‘Fran Fine‘ said to Gracie on The Nanny  (remember that show?).  She said:

Let’s put it this way:  When you’re 20, I’ll be 40.  When you’re 30, I’ll be 40.  And when you’re 40, you’ll understand why I’m still 40.

I guess I only have two more birthdays to celebrate .

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