Preview the new trailer for next year’s movie event JOHN CARTER!

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We don’t go see a lot of movies in the theater, mostly for two reasons.  One, we cruise about once a year on the Disney Cruise Line and since they have all the recent movies from Disney and Touchstone on board we like to watch those on our sea days (so technically I guess we do see them in a ‘theater’ we just do it on the ocean LOL!).  Two, we have a really sweet home theater set up complete with a 3D TV so we usually just wait until movies come out on DVD for viewing at home.

But….this new Disney film coming out in March has me VERY intrigued.  Based on a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs (yep the guy that brought you Tarzan), JOHN CARTER looks like a winner.  My family ♥ ♥ ♥’s Science Fiction and this looks like it will rival movies like Avatar.  With the story conceived by an adept novelist and a company like Disney behind the production, I think this is going to make big money at the box office. 

I’m pretty sure we won’t be waiting until next fall when we cruise and will be seeing this one a lot earlier than that!

So watch the trailer and tell me what you think….

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