When it’s Time for Your Oil Change, Bring Along the Motor Oil Matters Checklist

The Motor Oil Matters information and a gift card have been provided by Motor Oil Matters

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When’s your next oil change?  We just had one done on my husband’s car.  Since Texas requires a car inspection before you can title and register it, we headed over to a local auto service center to have those done.  Good timing too as it were, since just before our appointments my husband’s engine light happened to go on.

It ended up that he need some repairs done to his car on the air injection system, but since it was just about time he had an oil change done on it, we had them do that as well.

Since we’re new to the area, and didn’t have any experience with the service center, I made sure to bring along the Motor Oil Matters Checklist, which I blogged about back in July, to make sure that we were getting what we asked and were paying for.

Here are some of the things from the checklist that we were looking for and were pleased to see confirmed on our receipt.

1.  Time for a change?  Follow the oil change recommendations in your vehicle’s owner’s  manual.  When it says it’s time for a change, it’s time.

2. Are you getting the right viscosity?  SAE 5W-20 and 5W-30 are often recommended for today’s cars.

3. Is it API-licensed?  Castrol SAE 5W-30 exceeds API Service SM, SL, SJ and SH, as well as exceeding all the requirements of ILSAC GF-4/GF-3/GF-2 for PI Certified Gasoline Engine Oils and meets Energy Conserving Standards.

4.  Do you know what you’re getting?  Confirm with the service provider the motor oil’s brand, performance level and viscosity before it’s poured into your car or truck and then ask for all three to be included on your receipt.

5. Getting a full change?  Make sure the oil change includes a fresh filter.

6. Did you get a receipt?  Well yes we did, since I’m showing a picture of it 🙂

7. When’s your next oil change?  Write down the mileage and date you had your oil changed.  My husband is really good at this, he files all his receipts, plus he keeps an excel spreadsheet for both vehicles with maintenance mileage, so we can keep the vehicles running smoothly.

The only item missing from the checklist was Going to a MOM-licensed installer?  As it turns out there wasn’t one listed on their website at all for our zip code or even one close to our address, but since all the other items were met, we feel confident that we got a proper oil change.   I let the shop know about Motoroilmatters.org  and maybe they’ll contact them to become a MOM-licensed installer.

You can learn more about why Motor Oil Matters on their website, Facebook page and on Twitter.

Do you plan on taking the Motor Oil Matters Checklist with you the next time you get an oil change?

24 thoughts on “When it’s Time for Your Oil Change, Bring Along the Motor Oil Matters Checklist

  1. Wow, I never thought about any of this, but it definitely is important to educate yourself and know what you are getting. I am definitely going to be taking the checklist with me next time!

  2. OMG! You are psychic. We just changed the oil in my car today. I say we because I stood there ready to laugh if my husband got covered in oil again. I am lucky he knows what he is doing because when it comes to my car, I don't. I will have to remember the checklist for when we go to a garage.

  3. I would if I didn't not take it to the dealership where I bought it – they keep records of all of my service appointments.

  4. Great checklist! You just reminded me I have two cars due for an oil change, I suppose I should get that done this week.

  5. That's a good idea for someone that doesn't know what to ask or expect. My husband use to work in the industry I let him take in the car and ask all the questions.

  6. I just got a long overdue oil change. I used to do it myself years ago, but I don't want to deal with the hassle of toting the oil to be recycled. Better to just take the vehicle in.

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