What Every Parent Should Know About Music Lessons

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If parents were aware of all the benefits of music lessons, they would be standing in lines at the doors of the best piano instructors in their areas. The benefits are not limited to pianists, but the piano and other keyboard instruments are more complicated and challenging than instruments that require the reading of one note at a time.

Imagine looking at chords of at least four notes. The brain must instantly interpret what the eye sees, and instantly decide which finger will strike which key. In addition, compositions often require that the pianist move his or her hands in opposite directions.

Although parents will cringe at the first recital, they should remember that this recital is developing confidence and poise. Since successful people must stand before audiences and present their ideas, the first recital is preparation for those events.

Parents should also remember that each composition that the child learns is the achievement of another goal. The most successful people are those who set goals and achieve them. The many hours of practice develop self-discipline as the child turns notes into music.

Both parents and child are gratified when the child learns to express himself through music. It is at that point that the joy of music fills the heart and the music student discovers creative abilities. The notes flow through the air, and both parents and musician realize they have found a pleasure that will last throughout life.

There can be no doubt that the challenges of musical training develop the brain. Research shows that middle school and high school band students score significantly higher on standardized tests than non-band students. Other research shows that the study of music can increase a person’s IQ.

Musicians learn to work as team members. Musicians who play in bands or orchestras must concentrate on the significance of his or her part. Every note that is played must blend and balance with the sounds of other instruments. Becoming a part of the team is a trait that is needed in the workplace. The study of music is more than a study of a subject. It is a discipline that prepares one for life. The study of music increases the IQ, teaches self-discipline, develops creativity, prepares one as a team member, and gives the musician a lifetime of pleasure.

Piano instructors and music teachers not only teach music—they are life’s mentors.

1 thought on “What Every Parent Should Know About Music Lessons

  1. How I remember the song "Over the River and Through the woods" being played over and over and over as my a2nd grader learned how to play the piano. Now just this past summer my now senior played a solo on the stage at USD in Vermillion.

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