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With back to school in our rearview mirror, we now have time to think about some home safety maintenance. There are things in our homes that should be checked periodically to keep our families and our homes safe. These are the things we do each fall to help protect our home and family:

We change the batteries in our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Whether your detectors are “beeping” or not, change those batteries with new ones every year, so you can have peace of mind to know your family is safe.

In the same vein, we make sure the vent for your clothes dryer is cleaned yearly as well. An estimate of more than 15,000 fires a year are caused by lint that catches on fire, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We check the temperature on our water heater, and adjust it if necessary. In order to prevent scalding it should not exceed 125 degrees. We also get our furnace cleaned at this time of the year so we aren’t left in the “cold” in December or January!

If you have a storage shed on your property secure it with a Master Lock. Their 1174D style has:

  • Large ergonomic dials with exclusive blind feature permit operation with gloves, in low light or complete darkness
  • Deadlocking mechanism protects against prying, shimming and rap attacks

With leaves starting to fall, we make sure that our downspouts and gutters are kept free of debris. No one wants to deal with water in their home, especially in the cooler weather, this is one way that it’s easily preventable to keep your home safe from water damage.

By making sure the lighting outside our home is working and bright, we make our home a less desirable target for burglars.

Do you check or do maintenance for home safety in fall? If so what kinds of things do you do to keep your “Home Safe Home?”

Check out the Live Secure Safety Squad microsite at MasterLock.com to see more posts on how the Squad Ambassadors are approaching Fall Family Safety.

As part of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad I have received products for my family to use in my home for our safety and security.  Any opinions I share in posts related to the Live Security Squad and Master Lock are my own and aren’t influenced by products I’ve received.

13 thoughts on “Home Safe Home

  1. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Protect your family and yourself at all times.

  2. Are lights are bright and a vents are cleaned but living out in the country causes us to be a little lax in the safety area of door locking. We think we have them all locked up and then we will find some side door that has been unlocked for who knows how long.

  3. we were broken into last week. i told my husband we need to go through and make things more secure…masterlocks on the shed and barn are on the list

  4. Batteries are checked in smoke detectors on both floors and we also have a carbon monoxide detector

  5. We always change our smoke alarm batteries and we make sure the gutters are cleaned and the outside lights are working, getting ready for all the trick or treaters that will visit us, so we want to make sure they are safe and can see.

  6. we do check the fire alarm batteries but honestly that is about it..it looks like we better get on the ball I guess

  7. Make sure your doors are locked! Seems obvious but there are some people who actually leave their doors open when they go out or are going to bed.

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