What Do You Search For?

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Each year I blog I try and set goals up for myself that I want to reach.  I won’t deny that I want to make some $$ off my blogs, and my goal for that is usually just to exceed what I made the previous year.  At the beginning of this year I had mentioned that one of my goals for my blogging  was to be invited on a blog trip or get a sponsorship to a conference.  I met that goal this month, and I’ll share with you in a few days where I’m off to!

The reality of blogging is, you can do it because you love it and hopefully come out with something that helps pay the bills to run the blog and if you’re lucky some neat products to review and some extra money OR you can try and making it a bona fide job and make some real money off of it.  The latter though is a tough gig to make it in.

How many times a day do you search for something on the internet?  I haven’t officially counted, but I guess I do at least a dozen times probably twice that amount in a day.  And when I type those keywords into the box and click search, I expect to get pages that reflect what I’m looking for.

For the blogger to get you to land on their blog when you do a search, they need to make sure they are using those all important keywords in their content.  Do you see that +1 on the top right hand corner of my page?  That’s a new way “THE” biggest search engine is using to make sure you get the content that is applicable to you. 

I was reading a search engine marketing blog and they explained it like this: If you see something you like on the internet and see a +1 you click it.  Then when your friends search for the same thing, they’ll see that you liked that page and they are more likely to trust your judgment than just the search engine itself.  It’s kind of like a “thumbs up” button.

It would be so much easier for the blogger if they had marketing automation software to point out how they can get more people to their site and become loyal readers, because more people means more ad revenue and loyal readers turn into brand sponsorships and bigger opportunities for the blogger.  But most of us have to learn these tricks of the trade and implement them on their own.

So do yourself and a blogger a favor…if you find a page worthwhile and see the +1 on it, give it a click.  It will be beneficial to you and your social network when you do searches to find relevant content, and it will help the blogger rank higher in the search engine listings for the particular keywords on their page!

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