How Do You Access The Internet?

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It amazes me how many devices there are now that allow you to surf the web.  11 years ago it was primarily the desktop computer that allowed you to do that.  Laptops were still super expensive then and I don’t think the average person owned one.

Fast forward to now, and you have a myriad of ways to access the internet.  I still primarily use my desktop to do my web surfing but we have a number of devices in our home that can get me to my favorite sites and forums.

Right now I’m typing this post on my iPad2.  My husband can jump on the web using his cell phone, and I recently received an Android tablet that I will be reviewing on Play That Now.

A couple of years ago we were looking at getting something that would allow us to access our e-mail and my blogs when we traveled.  We first looked at netbooks because they were the most affordable.  We ended up going with a midrange laptop because we decided it would also become the computer we would use for homeschooling and therefore we would need a Rom Drive on it.

Even the schools in our community are ‘mobile’ friendly.  The high school my daughter’s best friend attends issues all their students tablet pc’s to use during the year.  Gone are the pencil and paper assignments.  They do everything on their tablet and electronically hand it in to their teacher!

It kind of amazes me at how many ways I can get on the internet if I want to!  So how do you access the internet?  With a desktop, laptop, iPad?  Let us know!

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