Welcome to the World of Tail Towns Friends by Ganz ~ A Facebook Game Bridging the Virtual World and Your Home with Collectible Figurines

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Facebook has a history of sucking me into its games. Most of the time, I’m able to coerce encourage friends and family to play along with me, and now I’ve found another game to take up my time….

Tail Towns Friends by Ganz (makers of Webkinz)…if you sign up to play…friend me on Facebook for a neighbor.

This is a fun game when you just want to spend a few minutes decompressing. Just for starters let me tell you the game is similar to those “Ville” games you might be familiar with. You have goals to achieve on your orchard and you achieve them by planting, harvesting, building, clearing, selling, etc..

The nice thing about it, and what makes it a little bit different than similar Facebook games is that Tail Towns Friends has a storyline built through it. And while it looks cutesy and all, it is geared for female adults, soapy drama included. I try out several new Facebook games a month, most of which I stop playing after a few days, but this one looks like it will have enough staying power that I’ll come back to it to pick up where I leave off when I’m finished playing it for the day because I’ve depleted my energy stores or goal completion.

When you start the game out it’s very intuitive. The goals are spelled out clearly and it’s easy to find where you need to go and what to do. The next steps are highlighted for you so you get a feel for the interface and understand the basics on how to accomplish your goal.

Upon completion of your goals you get rewards which help you towards future goals and “beautifying” your orchard. These come in the form of “Acorns”, which I thought was a pretty cute way to define the monetary system. Like most Facebook games of this kind, you get experience for completing the tasks which bumps you up to higher levels after collecting a certain amount, as well as reputation.

Here’s where the Tail Towns Friends Facebook game bridges the gap between your computer screen and your home – the Tail Towns Friends custom-designed collectible hand-painted Figurines. There are 12 of them in Series One all based on the characters in the Facebook game.

When you purchase one you get a secret code with it that unlocks in-game bonuses, unique story plots and a relationship with one of the leading citizens of Greenwood (the Tail Towns Friends city).

Here are a couple that I received (each figurine retails for about $14.00).

One thing I’ve really appreciated while playing Tail Towns Friends is that I haven’t encountered any “bugs” yet in the game. If you play other Facebook games, you probably know what I’m talking about. Quests glitching, game crashes, neighbors missing and the like. So far Tail Towns Friends has played seamlessly for me, which really adds to the enjoyment because I’m not frustrated while playing it. I also liked that there is a survey at the top of the game app, so they can get your opinion on how the game plays, what you like and what they could approve upon. It’s nice to see a company wanting feedback, especially on a free-to-play product.

I’m enjoying playing the Tail Towns Friends Facebook game so far, and especially like the little mini-movies that progress the storylines.

I’m sure I’ll be harvesting and planting and getting the scoop on the game characters during commercials and half-times on Sunday afternoons! Come join me if you play Facebook games and be my neighbor!

Disclosure: Figurines and additional compensation have been provided by Ganz through Child’s Play Communication.

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