Welcome Spring with a New Welcome a Cure Welcome Mat from Carpet One

In 2010, when I was 36, my doctor referred me to have a mammogram done.  He said I needed a base line, my insurance covered it, and there was no reason not to have it done.  I didn’t want to and have no familial history of breast cancer, but the imaging center was close to my home and I was assured that it would not take long, so I kept my appointment and went.  The films all looked fine, I filed away the experience and went on with my life.

When I turned 40, some mail caught up with me from the imaging center and I was encouraged to make another appointment.  In the meantime we had moved to Texas, and I admittedly ignored the letter.  The letter showed up again late last year when I turned 41.  With a friend’s son having been diagnosed with leukemia six months earlier, I knew I should really go in and just get the mammogram over with.

So I made an appointment for December 29, 2014.  Went in, had it done.  It was relatively painless (I mean as far as medical procedures go, if you’ve ever had one done you know that getting your breast flattened like a pancake between two heavy plates is hardly a “Yee-haw” experience), and I went home.  I received a phone call the next day telling me it all looked good.  And then early in the new year I got a dreaded phone call.  “The radiologist got your films from your base line in, and they’d like to do some more screenings.”  My anxiety levels soared, it was of course a weekend, I had to wait until the next week to go back in, and I was very, very worried.

After doing a basic film, the radiologist looked at it and then wanted a 3D image, and then a sonogram.  By this time, I’m nervous…very, very nervous.  With excellent bedside manner, it was explained that my tissue has changed.  It’s not a mass…yet.  And it could very well never become one…or it could.  So for now, we watch and wait.  In four months I’ll go back to have it checked again.  And then again six months after that.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you’re 35 or older and have never had a mammogram…get one.  Make an appointment. TODAY.  If you have had one before and it’s been five years since your last one…get a follow up one.  Make an appointment. TODAY.

The reality is – had I not gone in this year, I could very well have been in the position of finding out in the future that I have cancer, but as a completely unexpected occurrence.  I pray that my ‘strange’ tissue is just that…strange tissue that will never morph into that dreaded disease, but if it should ever come to that, my doctors and health care givers have advanced notice that they will catch it, in its very early stages and my chances are excellent in getting it resolved quickly.

I was provided a mat as a thank you for sharing this post, the opinions stated are my own.

Carpet One Floor & Home knows that breast cancer doesn’t limit itself to October and neither does the need for funding research.  When they asked for my help to spread the word about their Welcome a Cure Pink Ribbon Mats, I had a personal interest in doing just that.

Breast cancer awareness doesn’t just last a month for some women, so the welcome mats are available all year long in Carpet One Floor & Home stores throughout the U.S., with new designs in October.  The mats retail for approximately $24.99 US/$34.99 CDN. Each mat features a sturdy rubber backing and a pink ribbon to remind people of the cause it supports.  For the past decade, Carpet One Floor & Home has raised almost a million dollars to support breast cancer research from the 25 percent proceeds of each Welcome Mat.

All welcome mats are stain and water resistant, machine washable, made in the USA, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and measure 2’ by 3’.  Not only do they support a great cause, the clever designs make a beautiful and functional personal style statement.

This year, the company has partnered with 12 well-known interior design experts, all of whom have added their flare for color and home fashion to the mix of beautifully designed and durable indoor-outdoor mats, which can be viewed here http://www.carpetone.com/welcome-a-cure.  For information on the designers and their inspiration, visit the Beautiful Design Made Simple blog at http://beautifuldesignmadesimple.com/.

You can also win a Welcome a Cure Welcome Mat of your own!  While we will request to get you the choice you would like, the sponsor reserves the right to send any mat in their inventory.

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