Ways to Help Others Receive Freeze-Dried Foods

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Last month I wrote a post about the importance of having an emergency stockpile in your home.  Interestingly enough, shortly after I published that post, Prince William and Princess Kate joined the Danish Crown Prince and Princess at the UNICEF emergency supply center in Denmark.

While at the center, the couples packed boxes with emergency food supplies, each one of those boxes will reach a thousand people.  The particular boxes that they packed were headed to Somalia.

Besides UNICEF there are other charities that prepare boxes of freeze-dried meals when disasters strike countries.  Locally we have a Kids Against Hunger location where people can donate their time and/or money to make meal packs that get distributed in our community and around the world. 

When I think of freeze dried food I immediately think about emergencies (or outerspace, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be going there any time soon…).  Yet just recently I read that a food pantry was requesting freeze-dried boxed soup, because many of the people that visit walk to their location, and canned soup can be heavy and bulky for them to carry home.  It makes sense, and it’s something I never thought of before.

There are also charities that collect donations and then purchase freeze-dried food items such as fruits, vegetables and even ice cream pouches to send to soldiers serving overseas.

If you’re preparing an emergency food supply kit for this winter season, consider picking up a couple of extra items or taking the cost of an extra set and donating it to a charity for those that do not have the means to get freeze-dried supplies of their own.

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