Enjoy Life Foods Oven-Baked Chewy Bars

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If you’re in need of portable allergen free snacks, these are perfect.  Enjoy Life Foods Oven-Baked Chewy Bars are softer and more flavorful than ever before!

They are delicious and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. 

The oven-baked Chewy Bars come in four different varieties:  Caramel Apple, Cocoa Loco, Sunbutter Crunch and Very Berry.

Snacks to go made free of the 8 common allergens and gluten free too.  They don’t contain any artificial ingredients, are made from non-gmo ingredients and are low in fat.

These Chewy Bars do not have the texture of chewy granola bar.  They are more like a soft cookie.  Yum!  I’m a big fan of portion controlled snacks and these are terrific – especially the Cocoa Loco flavor.  My fussy family even liked the chocolate ones.  I think they may become my go to ‘chocolate’ craving item, since they’re only 110 calories and are satisfying.

You can grab a few of these to have in your bag for those mid-day hunger pangs, or for before or after exercising.  Or they’re great snacks for after school practices, or lunch bags.  I’ve also found them to be an easy breakfast on busy mornings!

To learn more about oven-baked Chewy Bars or other great Enjoy Life products visit www.enjoylifefoods.com.

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