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The quest for the perfect sneakers is over! Loom waterproof sneakers are your sole mates!

waterproof sneakers

Loom footwear has engineered the ultimate sneaker for your feet.  Take a look at just a few of the reasons why:

Lightweight & Flexible – Walk miles without your feet feeling heavy and maximize comfort for your feet.

Earth Friendly – Made with cruelty-free material sourced from some of the most eco-friendly farms in the world.

Engineered for Comfort – Through multiple rounds of testing, the perfect cushioning system was created to maximize comfort for you.

• Breathable – Made with materials that absorb and release moisture from the air, so that your feet will never feel moist or sweaty again!

Waterproof –  Their waterproof and moisture-wicking technology allows Loom shoes to be one of the most advanced in the market.

So I’ve been wearing these sneakers for a few weeks now and let me share my own personal thoughts on them.

I was a bit skeptical because they are so lightweight but I am impressed with the cushioning and comfort that they provide.  Even though they are lightweight you can’t fold these sneakers either from heel to toe or side to side, which is great because a quality sneaker shouldn’t bend in half.  The outsole is durable and I have found them supportive enough for everyday wear and power walking.  They have a moisture-wicking material and antimicrobial properties that destroy bacteria in sweat that creates odor, so they don’t make my feet smell and that’s amazing 😉

waterproof sneakers

I like the way they look too.  I already have a pair of black sneakers so I chose the white.  They transition nicely from using them to walk to running errands in terms of fashion.  I’ve thrown them in the washing machine (top loader without an agitator, in a mesh bag, on gentle and then air dried) with great results, although to be fair they weren’t really dirty, I just wanted to see how they would stand up to a machine wash.

I want to point out one tip when purchasing Loom footwear.  Make sure you know your proper sneaker size before purchasing.  If you’re between sizes go up a size, but also be prepared to add to the back of the heel if needed.  My first wear I did get blisters because I usually wear a 5.5-6.  The 6 was roomy on me and I went with just short socks in my Loom sneakers for my first walk.  The back is a bit higher than my other sneakers and I did have friction rubbing the back of my ankles, which resulted in blisters.  Adding some heel inserts solved that problem easily.

waterproof sneakers

You can find the Loom waterproof sneakers at  They retail for $249.99, but currently they have 60% off and free shipping making them only $99.00.  They come in white and black, men (sizes 6-13) and womens (sizes 5-11).

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