8 Great Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee

Most people need their morning caffeine fix to set them up for the day ahead. Coffee is often the first thing on your mind when you get up in the morning. But aren’t you tired of your standard morning brew? It’s simple, boring and the same every single day. There are so many exciting opportunities when it comes to flavoring coffee. Whether you like something with a bit of a kick or have more of a sweet tooth, here are eight tasty ways to be more adventurous and spice up your morning coffee.

1.     Cinnamon

This spicy addition gives you a festive vibe to your morning coffee, but one that can be enjoyed all year round. Stir in a spoonful of cinnamon powder into your cup or use raw sticks to give your brew an extra bit of kick. Cinnamon is also thought to have anti-bacterial properties, support the health of your gut, and manage blood pressure.

2.     Ginger Root

Ginger tea is common. But have you ever thought of adding ginger to your coffee? You can either use ground ginger powder and add a spoonful to your cup, or slice up some fresh to brew in your coffee. Either way, this adds an exotic spice to your morning drink, and is even better when combined with cinnamon, cardamom, or other spices; test out a few combinations to see what you prefer.

3.     Cardamom

Often used in traditional Turkish coffee, cardamom gives it that unique rich floral flavor. It pairs perfectly with cinnamon or ginger but is full of flavor so will give your coffee a spicy kick on its own. Crush some pods and brew them with your coffee or stir in a spoonful of ground cardamon once you’ve poured yourself your morning cup. Like many of the other spices, cardamon is flavorsome, but also rich in energizing minerals and thought to lower blood pressure.

4.     Flavored Pods

Instead of faffing around cutting, chopping, and sprinkling things into your brew to give it the flavors you’re after, you can buy coffee pods that are already flavored with all your favorite things. There is to choose from to suit your preferences, from caramel, chocolate, and vanilla, to chai, coconut, and toffee nut. However you’d like to spice up your coffee, there’s a flavor for you.

5.     Cocoa

Adding cocoa to your coffee is commonly known as a mocha, but this way you have the ability to control your proportion of coffee to cocoa. Adding a spoonful of cocoa is a bitter take on the coffee, so you may need to sweeten it up a little bit with a sweetener of your choice, but cocoa also has anti-inflammatory properties. A slightly sweeter alternative is to melt a square of dark chocolate in the bottom of your cup.

6.     Maple Syrup

Something you definitely have lying around in the pantry is maple syrup. For those of you that need the added sweetness to counteract the bitter coffee flavors, maple syrup is a favorite alternative to simple sugar. Not only does it take the edge off the harsh coffee, but the maple flavor is a perfect pairing.

7.     Alternative Milk

People are beginning to veer away from using the standard cow milk to more . Not only are these milks better for the environment, but they also give your coffee a bit of extra flavor. The fresh and nutty flavors of almond, coconut and hazelnut can be added to your morning coffee through their milk. An eco-friendly cup of coffee with a bit of a twist.

If you need a little bit of spice in your life, start by mixing up your morning coffee and using one of these tasty and flavorful ideas.

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