Wake Up to belVita Breakfast Biscuits

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Grab Morning by the Biscuits!

belVita breakfast biscuits are specially baked to provide you with nutritious sustained energy that helps fuel your body all morning long. These satisfyingly crunchy biscuits contain 18g of whole grain per 50g serving and are now available in two new delicious flavors: Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

Back in March I reviewed the belVita Breakfast Biscuits, in the Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon and Golden Oat flavors. So this time around the biscuits themselves weren’t new to me, but obviously the flavors were.

I really, really liked the Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

Blueberry is still my favorite of the five varieties but the Cinnamon Brown Sugar is a close contender. My husband has declared the Chocolate as his favorite (no surprise there!) and is planning on eating them a couple of times a week in place of some frosted oatmeal cookies he usually has in the mornings. I like that because it’s a lot healthier than those other cookies….

I actually find that I prefer to eat these during the early afternoon, when I need some ‘sustained energy’ to get me through to dinner time. I do though keep a pack or two of these in my carry on whenever I travel, because I’m often at the airport for early morning flights, and I they’re really great for that so I don’t buy fast food or junk food from the airport shops to munch on while I’m waiting. You might not think that 4 slim cookies are going to keep you full for a few hours, but I find they do.

These would also make a good snack for school lunches, especially for the older kids who may not be eating a balanced breakfast before they head out the door to catch the school bus after hitting the snooze button three times!

Find them in the cookie/cracker aisle and try a new kind of breakfast. They come in individually wrapped packages of 4 cookies, and there are 5 packs in a box. They retail for about $3.69 a box.

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Disclosure: I received samples of belVita. No compensation was received. I have my own opinions about the product.

3 thoughts on “Wake Up to belVita Breakfast Biscuits

  1. Yes, those would be perfect to tuck into a bag for an airport snack. Great idea! They look crunchy and delicious and I'm going to have to pick some up today when I go to the store. Thanks for that.

  2. Oh my goodness! Bel-Vita's are healthy and goood. I eat fifty-two packs every month, in moderation though! Heehe!

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