So You Want to Go to Hawaii…

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Well okay, maybe YOU don’t but I do!

That’s actually been a dream vacation of ours going back about ten years. Really it’s Amber who put the idea in our heads, when she was younger she really wanted to go to Hawaii, because she was sure she would meet Lilo and Stitch there. She kind of a had a bit of a ‘Stitch’ obsession at one point. Of course that was prior to Disney having a resort there.

We’ve thought about taking an island hopping cruise, but we think we’d miss too much that way. So we’ve looked into vacation rentals in Kauai at Summit Pacific and they have some that would ideally fit what we’d be looking for. Views of foliage, flowers and of course beaches is what we’d be wanting at our lodging.  There are so many of them to choose from, and depending on how long we’d decide to stay, the amenities and locations at some would do for a short stay, while others would be perfect for a few weeks.

One of the main things I’d want to take in if we travel to Hawaii would be an authentic lu’au show. When I was little my parents took a Hawaiian vacation (and left us kids at home with Grandma and Grandpa, imagine!) and they brought my sister and I back grass skirts. The grass skirt is long gone, but the desire to see the hula done around a fire pit with a hog roasting isn’t!

Have you ever been to Kauai? Or anywhere in Hawaii? Where did you stay when you went, and what was your favorite memory of your vacation?

1 thought on “So You Want to Go to Hawaii…

  1. I have been to both Kauai and Oahu but back in the '70's. Haven't been there ever since. A thing of note speaking from hard experience: If I understand correctly, you still have a desire to go to Hawaii. I used to be that way a long time ago. If you were aware of a few negative things about Hawaii and other South Pacific Islands, you might change your mind. I cracked up on watching a few Youtube Videos about Samoa. The videos gave me a very bad impression about Samoa as being a country with a very strong spirit of conformity and unwritten rules: "you can't do this, you can't do that" atmosphere in almost about everything except for a few things. I understood from a friend who has been out there more recently that there is a similar situation out in Hawaii.
    A parallel applies to people aspiring to get in the field of medicine or wanting to be a doctor: They expect too much out of doctors, there is a very high burnout rate, especially of general practitioners. If those aspiring were aware of what I just mentioned, very few would want to be a doctor. I think there might be a shortage of medical personnel crisis in the future. If you want to get surgery, you might have to go to another country.

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