VO5 Review + Giveaway

This post was created in partnership with VO5. Find out more about the all new VO5 Salon Series at www.vo5haircare.com.

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You know how they say that scent is very strong reminiscer of memories?  I’m sure there is some smell that you pick up and are instantly transported to the past.  I have one of those ‘scent’ memories and it’s actually related to hairspray, VO5 hairspray as it might be.  My grandmother used it (and a lot of it) all. the. time.  You’d walk into the bathroom at their house and that’s all you could smell.  I think she partially used it as air freshner (I jest, I jest).  Years later if I smell that formula of VO5 or something similar, I think of my Oma.

So while I was at Blissdom, my partner in crime and I spent some of our downtime in the VO5 Suite (where we snagged ourselves some sample products of hair care, woot).  They were masterfully prettying up the stray locks of bloggers, and giving them some hair styling and care tips.  I didn’t partake in that particular right of passage, only due to the fact that with my newer, shorter hair I don’t have much need for someone else to style it.  BUT I made sure I walked out of the suite with some Mousse and Gel (Score!) because, those are my go to products for my short hair.

Let me tell you something though, these New VO5 Salon Series products, are NOT my grandmother’s VO5.  Infused with 5 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS C, E, H, B5, B3 (yes, there is an H Vitamin, who knew?!), you get all day control for a perfectly finished style.   

VO5 also gave each Blissdom attendee a TOTAL RECOVERY DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR MASK in their welcome bag.  In addition to the 5 essential vitamins, it also has 11 Revitalizing Oils in it.  

I love this stuff, I think that since using it the past two weeks my hair has new life.  (So VO5 thank you, thank you for giving my old hair back some shine!)  

It just goes to show you, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on hair care to get healthier looking hair.

I’m a completely low maintenance gal, so after showering in the mornings I don’t do much with my hair except throw a bit of product in it and ….okay that’s all I do.  I think these products are amazing and they make my hair look fab without any work!  Bonus: they don’t smell like my grandmother’s hairspray


One reader is going to win VO5 Salon Series products: Perfect Hold Styling Mousse, Perfect Hold Styling Gel and Total Recovery Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

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