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This post was created in partnership with MSN. Find out more about the all new MSN experience at or see it in action on Windows 8, Android, or on iOS at

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My life right now has come to a head.  With our daughter going off to college in a year and the impending move to Texas, I’ve spent a lot of time reimagining what life will be like in the coming years with an empty nest in a new state.  I like to think I’ll spend more time outside because the weather will be better.  I’m hoping to have more time to spend blogging and keeping up on current events because I won’t be homeschooling anymore.  And I imagine hopefully to get my DIY on – and start some new crafts and hobbies.  We shall see if any of that comes to pass!

Microsoft has done something similar in that they have reimagined the all-new MSN to be 4x faster than other top sites so you can always get in the know.  With it you can find all of the day’s best news from national to world, health, tech, sports and more all in one place and then pick and choose what you want to see and/or read.  

I tried out the iPad app and all I had to do was just swipe across the rows on the grid to scroll through the content in each section.  When I’ve gone through the content I want to see, I just pull down on the grid to refresh to find the latest news that’s been pushed to the app.  Once the app has started up, it’s pretty fast in loading the content you click on.

If I’m looking for something specific that I heard about and want to learn more, I just use the Bing search box at the top of the app.  I’ll get my search results without ever having to leave the app.  

If there is something that I see that I want to share it’s so easy to do it right from the app.  Whether I want to e-mail my mom a link, Facebook it to my sister or Tweet it to my followers, with the press of a button it’s done!  I can also connect through Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail in an instant.

I’m not always within range of a Wi-Fi network, and one of the great things about the MSN app is that I can view #MSNKnowNow content offline too!  I can save articles to my reading list and then peruse them even when I don’t have a connection.

So, you don’t have an iOS device?  Well that’s okay, see #MSNKnowNow content isn’t platform biased!  You can get apps for iOS, Windows and Android devices and of course you can view it from your desktop computers as well.  Check out the new, faster MSN here!

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