Updating Traditions

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When we moved to SD 11 years ago we were suddenly faced with the task of coming up with family traditions of our own. No longer could we depend upon the extended family traditions that we did at holidays, it was just the three of us now, and we had to compensate!

Over the years we’ve kept some of the old traditions, made up some new tradtions, and have melded the two together creating ‘updated tradtions’ for our family.

So what exactly are ‘updated traditions’ you ask?  Well things like:

* Not making gingerbread houses at Christmas, but making them at Easter instead.

It’s actually quite a frugal way to decorate too!  I usually purchase the pre-made kits and icing after Christmas on discount.  Then we just purchase the Easter candy to decorate it.  It’s a nice twist to the original intent and we’re far less busy at Easter than we are at Christmas, so it feels more relaxing than busy and rushed like it often did at Christmas.

* Special breakfasts on birthdays…featuring our favorite Pixar toons.

Pancakes are breakfast staple in our home.  I think you may have noticed me mention that pancakes are one of my favorite foods a time or two, or three or four on my blog.  I even have a pancake ‘machine’ that cooks four pancakes at once, that I would be so sad if it ever broke.  I always have had pancakes on my birthday, but birthdays are special, and special days require special pancakes.  And so we break out the Toy Story 5-in-1 Baker for that job.  Adding lots of sprinkles, syrup and a candle to our Toy Story friends makes for a great start to a special day!

* Chronological Photos

You know those family photos where the kids are in the same spot in front of the tree, fireplace or front door, every year at the same time?  Yeah my parents did that too!  We ‘updated’ that tradition by doing it when we go on vacation.  Every time we go to the same location (Disney World, cruises, etc.) we take a picture of Amber in the same spot.  It’s fun to see how she’s grown over the years and how much she’s changed from one vacation to the next!

What kind of traditions have you ‘updated’ in your family?  I’d love to hear about them, maybe we’ll find a few more to incorporate into our home!

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