Updating our Living Room With a New Sofa

I’ve been looking at sofas a lot lately.  when we moved into our home four years ago, we downsized by half.  It only made sense to take the newer sectional we had in our basement with us, instead of the 12 year old set we had in our living room at the time.

The thing is, I would have never purchased the set that we had in our basement, if I had known then that it would have ended up being in my main living area now.  (Clear as mud?! LOL).

It’s big, and puffy and has a pull out bed we never use.  Yes the above picture is actually my sofa.

So I’ve been looking at sofas, I’m wanting something a bit more stream lined, more modern, but just as comfy.  That’s a tall order to fill.  But more trouble than that, is I have to get Hubby to agree with me when I find the perfect one!

2 thoughts on “Updating our Living Room With a New Sofa

  1. We just got our first sectional a few months ago and love it! It is tradional without a skirt and has rolled arms. The color is a mellow teal but not intense or bright. Just turned out really well and we picked the fabric.
    Good luck on finding your perfect piece!

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