Unwell Child? Five Home Remedies You’ll Love

It isn’t always necessary to phone the doctor in a panic at the very first sign of illness in your child. Of course, if you feel it’s something serious it isn’t worth taking a gamble. But if you’re looking to heal a wound, rid your little one of a cough or cold, or relieve a stuffy nose, there are plenty of things you can try first.sickgirl

While some will undoubtedly think home remedies are a bit ‘wishy washy’, there’s a reason so many people swear by them. And to ensure you’re rarely up in the middle of the night comforting a poorly child, we’ve put together our failsafe home remedy kit everyone should own. Read on…

home remediesBaking Soda – A traditional cake ingredient, baking soda is also a handy product to keep around the house in general. Alternative health site Natural News recommends the housewife’s favorite for all sorts of ailments over in this article – and the best bit about this remedy is it’s extremely cheap, usually at less than $1 per tub. While the piece discusses ailments more commonly found in adults, there’s no denying that baking soda is a store cupboard gem in general. And guess what? It’s also known to be ideal for insect bites. If your son or daughter is sore or uncomfortable following a nasty bite, apply a paste made of baking soda and water to the infected area to help relieve itching. If irritation occurs though, stop the treatment.

Honey and Lemon – If your child is suffering from a cold, boil the kettle and let it cool to a suitable temperature for drinking. Next, add a slice of lemon and a couple of teaspoons of honey to a mug filled with the warm water from the kettle, stirring well. This home-based concoction is said to help reduce symptoms, but at the very least it’s a warm, comforting drink for when little ones are feeling under the weather. Big fluffy blanket and their favorite TV program: optional but very much recommended.

Diaper Rash – Is your baby uncomfortable with diaper rash? A blend of lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils can be applied to the affected area to help relieve symptoms. Do be aware that you must stop the treatment immediately if further irritation appears, but essential oils like this can be some of the gentlest remedies out there for the skin. Don’t forget to create a great bedtime routine to relieve discomfort in the night, too; check out some of the  best baby bath tubs before doing so! Why not take a look at Andrea Butje’s Essential Living book? It contains a host of essential oil remedies for use around the home and it really is your go-to guide for warding off and treating all sorts of things. Aromatherapy oils can also be used for stuffy noses, relaxation and other skin infections, so make sure you do your research regarding the best ones for your child.

Fresh Ginger for Car Sickness – According to this useful article, ginger is perfect for relieving car sickness. Try this in older children, as we’re pretty certain little kids will not like the taste of this when used in a tea. It is one to hang onto and store for a later date though, as who knows when you may need it!

Honey for Healing – We’ve mentioned honey a little earlier in this piece, but did you know it’s also a great healer when it comes to scars and wounds, too? It can be applied directly onto the skin with a cotton bud, cotton pad or the back of the skin and smoothed in to help prevent further irritation.

So there you have it; you should never have to head to the pharmacy again thanks to these simple – and cheap – home remedies.

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