The Two Most Essential Reasons You Should Move to Dallas Right Now

Deciding on a place to move isn’t easy for anyone, even if it’s a place that appears to have everything you need. Luckily for you, Dallas has everything you need and more, making the decision to move here a fairly easy one.

When you consider all that Dallas has to offer, it really boils down to two key reasons why you should move to The Lone Star State’s third-largest city right now.

Move to Dallas
Photo credit to Robert Hensley.

One Word: Growth

Did you know that in 2017 Dallas was identified as the fastest growing city in the US? Whenever you see that type of growth, you probably don’t have to look any further than a city’s economy.

According to , Dallas had both the highest job growth rate and the most jobs added from November 2016 to November 2017, among the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. It’s no surprise then that about last year alone.  Interestingly enough, Dallas, Houston and Austin all rank among the top domestic migrant gainers, surely making The Big D quite the focal point for .

This added population increase went hand in hand with Dallas’ job market growth, helping to make Dallas . All of this is to suggest that Dallas, along with its economy, is clearly on the rise, which further perpetuates the demand of people moving to this great city.

Quality of Life and Cost of Living

When a city’s economy is growing, as is its quality of life, but its cost of living is maintaining its current trajectory or only scaling minimally, that’s in essence a recipe for success. It basically means that a city’s economic growth is not conflicting with its housing prices and/or general expenses, allowing its citizens to enjoy higher wages without having to sacrifice that additional income for paying more money for rewards they’re used to getting at lower prices.

For instance, while a Texan living in Dallas may reap the benefits of living in a city that houses , he or she still does not have to pay any income tax.

Additionally, when it comes to the true definition of a city’s cost of living, Dallas is extremely competitive. While it may be valued as , it’s still relatively lower than many other major cities, including Chicago, Miami, and New York.

Suffice to say that Dallas is continuously on the rise. Will you move here and ride this economic and cultural wave? Move to Dallas and join the movement.

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