TWIG PRO Earbuds from Oddict: Now Available

There are a lot of things to consider when buying earbuds. You want to make sure they work for your lifestyle and that they sound great. But it’s not always easy. There’s so many brands, styles, and prices to choose from. And you could spend hours reading reviews and trying them out in the store. Time is something we all want more of, so this blog post will help you learn more about the TWIG PRO Earbuds from Oddict.

Twig Pro Earbuds

Get the right fit

There are a few things to consider when it comes to earbuds and fit. The first is how they will be used. If you’re going to be using them at the gym, for example, you’ll want sweat-resistant headphones.  TWIG PRO earbuds are made with a luxury design and  they are IPX4 sweat and water-resistant.  And if you plan on wearing them all day, they’re comfortable and lightweight. They come with interchangeable ear tips in different sizes to suit a range of ears, making them perfect for commutes.  These earbuds can easily be taken on the go without taking up too much space or weighing down your ears.


TWIG PRO includes six built-in mics, four mics for noise cancelling, and two cVc mics for crystal clear calls.  earbuds are specially designed using durable and high-quality aluminum material.  They feature a half in-ear design with adjustable rubber tips.  They are sleek and modern looking, a definite upgrade from the standard white branded ones that pair with the fruit phones.

Twig pro earbuds


Earbuds typically have a better sound quality than over-ear headphones. If you live an on-the-go lifestyle with frequent transit or travel, then noise isolation is important. You need headphones that can cut out external sound so that it doesn’t interrupt your listening experience.

This, THIS is where the TWIG PRO includes six built-in mics, four mics for noise cancelling, and two cVc mics for crystal clear calls.  earbuds shine.  They come with Snapdragon Sound Technology, Digital Hybrid ANC and an Enhanced App. 

The TWIG PRO includes six built-in mics, four mics for noise cancelling, and two cVc mics for crystal clear calls. TWIG PRO’s sound quality doesn’t discriminate based on what you are using them for. One of the technologies that form part of Snapdragon Sound is Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, an audio codec, designed to deliver hi-resolution quality music with up to 24-bit, 96kHz resolution, adapting down to very low latency when gaming.    And thanks to Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression the hands-free calling experience is superior with super wideband voice quality delivering clearer calls with greater intelligibility.

On top of core improvements to sound quality and active noise cancellation, TWIG PRO features digital hybrid ANC, effectively eliminating surrounding noise making your favorite music sound better.

Users can download ODDICT APP (available for iOS and Android) to customize and seamlessly adjust their audio experience. With several simple gestures, users can control their music and phone calls, and adjust ANC levels. The find my earbuds feature on the app makes it easy to keep track of your earbuds and locate where they were last used.


One of the other things you have to consider when purchasing earbuds is your lifestyle. What do you use them for? Leisure, work, exercising, travel?  How long do you wear them at one time?  Let’s talk about a couple of features of the TWIG PRO earbuds that address some of that.

The enhanced earbuds use 12mm Dual Drivers, support three-tier noise reduction modes, and the digital hybrid ANC technology we talked about earlier,  blocks up to 98% of ambient noise.  This is great if you need or want to be completely immersed in the audio that is being delivered.  But what about if you still need to hear some of your environment outside of your earbuds; say if you are running or biking outside or announcements at an airport?   Well one of the great functionalities is that with the customized in-app EQ, users can block out the world and focus on what they are listening to or adjust the ANC to hear what is happening around them.

In terms of battery life and playback, users can immerse themselves in music with 5.5 hours of playtime (ANC On) and up to 15 hrs of battery life with a fully charged case.  You can also do a quick charge of 10 minutes which gives 40 minutes of playback time. Full charging of the earbuds takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes (the case takes 1 ½ hours to charge fully).  If the case is fully charged you can charge the earbuds approximately 1 ½ times with it.

The earbuds include six built-in mics, four mics for noise cancelling, and two cVc mics for crystal clear calls.  If you use your earbuds for making or receiving phone calls, the TWIG PRO might bring your quality up a notch when speaking and listening.

Lose an earbud?  No worries, the app has you covered with a Find Me function.  Pretty sure I’ll be using that more often than I should 😉


What determines the price of a set of earbuds is the quality of sound and materials used in its construction. If you want a really high quality pair, then you’ll need to pay more money. TWIG PRO earbuds are high-quality and functional for $149.


TWIG PRO earbuds have been designed by Oddict for an immersive audio experience. The best earbuds are the ones that suit your lifestyle and your needs. And with their 12-Month Hassle-Free Warranty, you never have to worry about getting the perfect fit.  What are you waiting for? Head over to Oddict or and get your perfect pair of earbuds today!

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