TunePhonik iZX5 On-Ear Headphones

My daughter has a bad track record when it comes to headphones.  I’m not sure what she does to them but every time she has a new pair, inevitably a few months later she’ll tell us they are broken.  It doesn’t matter if they are $14.99 or $199.99, she just can’t keep a pair for more than six or eight months.  So with that being said, she has tried many different kinds and brands.  When I was offered a review of the Aleratec TunePhonik iZX5 On-Ear Headphones, I knew that it would be Amber that would actually be doing the review rather than me, the price she had to pay for a new pair to use 😉She has used them for a number of weeks now before and she’s very happy with the fit and comfort of them.  She primarily is using them for gaming but does listen to some music with them too, and she says that the sound is quite good.  The noise cancelling aspect of them is decent too, at least I think so since when I call her and she has them on she can’t hear me (or at least that’s what she says 😉 ).The in-line microphone on these headphones is great. We purchased a splitter (on our own, the headphones do not come with one) to use with them so that our daughter could plug the headphones into her PC for when she games.The mic was working really great until we updated her computer with Windows 10.  Then for some reason the mic would not register that there was any sound going into it.  So far we haven’t found a resolution to the problem, but we’re figuring it must be a software bug since it was working before we upgraded.  When you just use the 3.5 mm jack in an exclusive port that is made for both audio and mic to go through, it works dandy.The headphones fold up and have a nice storage bag to put them in if you want to take them on the go.  This is great for students, commuters or travelers.Of course what I like about them is their 1 year ironclad limited warranty.  Considering we’ve never gotten a whole year out of a pair of headphones yet, I’m crossing my fingers that I never need to use this warranty, but if I do.. well I’m covered (phew!).Here’s a short video of her showing off the headphones herself:

*Headphones were sent for review purposes, no other compensation was provided.

Check them out for yourself! You can find them on Amazon.com.

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