Triple Double Oreos

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Triple Double Oreos can be described as genius.  If you like the chocolate stuffed Oreos, but you also like the original creme Oreos then you’ll love this cookie!

Triple Double Oreos have the chocolate creme on one side, and the classic original creme on the other side, sandwiched together with a cookie layer in the middle.  They have the two favorite tastes in one.  The inside of this cookie is what makes it so unique to the Oreo line up.  They’ve meshed the flavors of the chocolate and original creme before, but never in this quantity or size.

Having a glass of milk to go with these cookies is essential , due to their triple decker state they are a bit difficult to dunk in a smaller cup, but I’m sure Oreo aficionados will  work their way around that .  My family (and I quote) thought they were “amazing”, and while they aren’t quite the same volume as eating two classic Oreo cookies, one is both flavorful and filling enough for a satisfying sweet treat.

We got to taste the Triple Double Oreos a month early; they won’t be hitting store shelves until August.  Look for them then at retailers nationwide.

I received a sample of Triple Double Oreos from Kraft Foods at no cost to myself to review.  The opinions stated are my own.

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