Heat Humor

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Well I know most of the country has been in a sweltering heat wave, where I live it looks like it might actually get back to normal temperatures in the next few days – but I know other locations, there’s not much of an end in sight.

A friend of mine sent me this cartoon in an e-mail this morning, and I had a laugh so I thought I’d share it with you all!   The artist is actually from Germany, and I don’t know if he translated it or if someone else did to the English version, but either way, it’s bound to get a few chuckles!

2 thoughts on “Heat Humor

  1. Bhahaahaa.. I actually saw this one too & snagged it. I think that is the weird sounds I have been hearing from the farm up behind me! snap crackle pop!

  2. Love it! In Ohio we've had heat indices up to 114 and it's really taking it's toll – I've been down the last two days with a migraine so a little humor goes a long way in lightening things up.

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