Top Things To Do In Brentwood, CA

One of the affluent parts of Los Angeles that is favored for its cultural diversity, shop, architecture, and landscape is Brentwood. Events like the parades, winter walkabout, and many more bring the people together as it promises memorable experiences. It is for the sake of such an experience that tourists and travelers favor Brentwood as the desired destination for exploration. 


Water Parks in Brentwood CA

  1. Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex

The Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex is located in a friendly environment and promises loads of fun for the kids. The swimming area is guarded by lifeguards to prevent swimming accidents. As a result, it is the right place for kids to take swimming lessons. 

  1. Brentwood City Park

There are lots of tree in Brentwood City Park where kids can throw Frisbee and play. There are also lovely play structures, swing sets, and a playhouse. The outdoor space is lined with tables in the shade for relaxation. 

  1. Antioch Waterpark

The Antioch Waterpark boasts of clean water and lets you bring food from outside the pack with a few exceptions. There are pools with varying depths for people of all ages, including kids. There is also a snack bar where you can buy food and drinks.


Blue Goose Park Brentwood, CA

The Blue Goose park offers lots of activities like a see-saw, rope climbing, rock climbing, and playground with slides. There is also an abundant grass where your kids can roll and run.  


Creekside Park Brentwood

The Creekside Park is another park in Brentwood designed to bring light to your evening as well as your kids’. The park is spacious for walking and biking without congestion. There is a water fountain, picnic tables and a large grass field nearby. The park also features a portable bathroom near the sidewalk. Plus, the neighbourhood is quiet, hence, allows undisturbed relaxation. The park has a gym and a tennis court for adults.  


Trampoline Park Brentwood

  1. Rockin jump

The Rockin jump park features a dodgeball arena, jump arena, slam dunk zone, and vertical ops to challenge your kids. The jump arena lets kids mix with others their age to perform acrobatics during play. There are also monitoring staffs on duty to prevent slips and accidents. The park is an excellent place to visit if you want your kids to exercise and have fun. 

  1. Orchard Park

The park has enough covered swings and trampolines to keep your kids excited all day. There are four play structures with enough space for kids to explore. Besides the green space, there are benches where you can sit and watch your kids play. 

  1. Sky High Sports Concord

The Sky High Sports Concord is a trampoline fun centre that is designed to give fun. The trampoline facility lets you kids bounce and do tricks, and flip backward and forward. 


Streets of Brentwood Events

  1. Art, Wine & Jazz Festival

The Art, Wine and Jazz festival is hosted every year and draws visitors from all over the World. The socialization and family-friendly entertainment feature middle school art show fine and contemporary art and wines and fine microbrews.

  1. The Flaming O’s

Flaming O’s is another music festival is another event on the street of Brentwood that you don’t want to music. The show is highlighted by party dance bands and other musicals.

  1. 10th Annual Lobster Fest

The annual Lobster fest is an excellent way to spend your Saturday night in Brentwood. The show which is in July features dancing, music, wines, and lobster eat off. Check-in on Saturday, 25th July, to participate.


Do People Visit Brentwood for Festivals? 

Numerous people from the World all over visit Brentwood for any of the Brentwood street event. Since most of the events are scheduled, international travellers can time their arrival to coincide with the several days of the events. For this type of visit, the best way to travel is to apply for This is otherwise known as the Electronic System Travel Authorization for countries under the Visa (VWP) Waiver program. The authorization grants citizens of countries covered by the VWP access to the United States for not more than 90 days. As such, it provides an excellent opportunity for you and your kids to explore the water and trampoline parks in Brentwood, CA. Apply for ESTA online by filling the applicant’s form and making the required payment. Monitor your processing information with the . This is a much faster way to gain entry than a visa.

Brentwood boasts of attractions like the Round Valley regional preserve, Farmer’s market, and lot more. The street of Brentwood is also an excellent place to visit, as it allows the best shopping and tour experience. Not just you, bring your family along to make your visit worth it.

2 thoughts on “Top Things To Do In Brentwood, CA

  1. Thank you for writing this article, while we aren’t traveling to California any time soon LOL, from some aspects, I found some new places to explore the next time we are able to. I found some good info here. I adore traveling and miss it so much. Looking forward to more travel articles on your site!

  2. We have been to Brentwood before and it has some great architecture for some of the high end homes. That alone is worth driving around to see and it costs nothing to do 🙂

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