Thoughtful, Personalised Gift Ideas

Many people love to give thoughtful and personal gifts as opposed to just buying something generic. For those with artistic talent, they can make a gift especially for the recipient but if you are lacking in the skills area, you might find yourself stumped for a good gift idea. You want them to know that you put thought into their present, that you took time to consider what the perfect gift for them would be, but it also needs to be something you can obtain relatively easily. So here are a few suggestions for personalised gifts that you can tailor for whoever you are buying for.

For anyone: a beautiful canvas print

With a canvas print, you can print a cherished family photo, an image of a beloved pet or an assortment of photos to make a collage. It is super convenient but also requires some time and effort to be put in, showing you put thought and consideration into it. You can easily to be delivered to your door, so you do not even have to go around the shops and deal with crowds of people.

For a foodie: personalised kitchenware

You can get just about get anything engraved these days, and that even applies to kitchenware like wooden spoons and chopping boards. Order a custom wine carafe and cheese board for your fancier friends or a novelty apron for the barbeque lover.

For dog lovers: custom dog lead holder

Most dog owners dote on their little ones, therefore a gift centred around their fur baby is sure to go down a treat. In particular, a personalised dog lead hook with their pet’s name on is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

For cat lovers:

Cat parents tend to be just as doting as dog parents so in the same vein, get them a gift for their feline and they will be thrilled! A tiny hand painted water bowl with their cat’s name on is such an adorable gift and perfect for your furry fanatic friend.

personalised gift ideas

For the artsy type:

It does not have to be lip balm, you can get them a kit for candle making or jewellery making, for example – whatever you think they would like best. If they already make these kinds of products then a beginner’s kit probably is not the best gift, so try and go for something a little out of their comfort zone. They will enjoy a new creative challenge.

For the frequent traveller: a

A scratch map is a great way for them to show off all the places they have been but without making it too obvious, since it was a gift after all! And they can go on scratching off every new place they visit as they go along.

For those with green thumbs: a personalised garden trowel

As well as a garden trowel, you can get them a full set of engraved gardening tools with matching gardening gloves! Anything to let them know that you listen when they talk about how well their peonies are growing in.

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