The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast – Give Away

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Have you ever heard of The Daniel Fast?  It is traditionally a three week ‘fast’ that is put together from the Biblical knowledge we have of Daniel’s fasting experience.  During the 21 days you eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, whole grains, seeds and oils.  The Daniel Fast avoids foods such as meat, sugar, dairy, sweeteners (real and artificial), refined foods, processed foods, yeast, solid fats and deep-fried food.  Although it is not liquid in nature it is still considered a fast, and is easier for people to adhere to since you are eating solid foods.

Kristen Feola author of The Ultimate Guide to The Daniel Fast mentions a few health benefits.

Fasting gives your body much-needed rest as it cleanses your body of chemicals and harmful ingredients.  It also gives your body a chance to repair itself.  Studies have shown that fasting decreases the risk of a variety of conditions including cancer and autoimmune diseases.  And lastly, fasting enables a person to break destructive eating habits and retrain the body to resist certain destructive cravings.

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast is a top 15 best-seller on Amazon’s ‘Cooking, Food & Wine’ list.

This book includes over 100 recipes plus it has 21 daily devotionals for you to use as you go through the Daniel Fast.  If you’re ready to begin the 21 day Daniel Fast this may be a good guide book for you.

One reader will win their own Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast!

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