The Amber Treasure

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Every good story is about a sword…or maybe every sword had a good story? Either way, The Amber Treasure is a story about a sword, well sort of…it’s actually a story about a boy who becomes a man and a sword, well actually a number of them play a large role in it.

The Amber Treasure is the first book in the Northern Crown Series by Richard Denning. This historical fiction novel takes place in England in the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The story begins with Cerdic, the son of the Lord of the Villa, growing up hearing stories of his uncle in battle and the sword that he carried while doing so. When he gets to be of age, his father has Cerdic and his two best friends, Eduard and Cuthbert trained in the art of war. Using wooden swords and wicker shields the boys spar against each other, while the Welsh slave boy Aedann looks on.

Years later when the Welsh raid Cerdic’s village, ransack his mother’s amber jewels, and take his younger sister as pillage – he leaves with a group of warriors to fight against the Welsh – all the while learning that the dream he had of being a mighty warrior is not quite what he expected it would be.  Accompanied by mentors, kinsman, the local bard and slaves – who can tell friend from foe?

Richard Denning weaves a tale that sets you in history. Not just through the events and scenery, but through his well thought out and deep characters. Told through the eyes of a boy turned man, the nature and battle of war turns from a fantasy to a stark reality when faced with it head on.

The Amber Treasure would be a good supplement to a high school world history course. If you’re studying 6th Century Anglo Saxon England, the type of events and social conditions are accurately portrayed for the time period.

You can learn more about The Amber Treasure and other books by Richard Denning on his website and you can purchase The Amber Treasure online at in paperback for $13.99 as well as in a Kindle Format right now for just $1.99.

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