The Ultimate Christmas Collection ~ VeggieTales Give Away

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We are excited about the holiday season and delighted to introduce VeggieTales “The Ultimate Christmas Collection“! For the first time VeggieTales is bringing all your favorite Christmas songs and stories together in one beautiful compilation!

The only thing better than a collection of VeggieTales movies is a Christmas collection of VeggieTales movies, and a bonus CD with 25 Christmas sing-a-long songs. We have LOVED getting into the Christmas spirit by watching these heartwarming stories that proclaim the real meaning of Christmas.

In “The Toy That Saved Christmas”, kids of all ages learn that Christmas isn’t about getting, it’s about giving. In “The Star of Christmas”, a couple of playwrights try to put on an impressive show the same night as a church Christmas pageant. The true story of God’s love is taught in this hilarious adventure.

My son especially likes watching “It’s a Meaningful Life”, where Stewart gets injured in the biggest football game of his life, and years later still wonders ‘what if’ things had been different. He gets a chance to see what life would have been like, and my kids learn the important lesson of contentment. “The Little Drummer Boy” is a cute Veggie-version of the holiday classic where Junior Asparagus wonders what kind of gift he can give to a king?

Of course we all laughed hysterically as we tried to sing along with the silly song, “8 Polish Foods of Christmas”, one of our favorites. And as we sat and watched “Saint Nicholas”, I was thankful for a movie that explains the history of Santa Claus in a way my kids can understand, while helping them learn about the true joy of giving – something that’s so important for us to remember not only at Christmas, but all year around.

The CD with 25 Christmas sing-along songs includes 10 Silly Songs with a karaoke feature so we can sing along – if we’re not laughing too hard! It stays in the truck, and we sing at the top of our lungs as we’re driving throughout the city.

Our whole family loves this collection, and we feel good about sharing it with others who may not understand that Christmas is about more than Santa Claus and presents under the tree. It’s about the greatest gift ever given many years ago, and about hope, love, and forgiveness.

If you click on a link in this post, land on and buy something, chances are I’ve made some money, so thank you.  Heather, the author, received a media sample of the item in this post to review with her family.

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57 thoughts on “The Ultimate Christmas Collection ~ VeggieTales Give Away

  1. Our guys love Junior Asparagus and they have learned many of the songs so they will love this if we win. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

  2. One word, Cebu! Oh and His Cheeseburger. How could I forget His Hair Brush? *Sigh* Love Veggie Tales

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