The Snowman and The Snowdog DVD

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The Snowman and The Snowdog, is a great addition to your holiday DVD library.

It is the brand new and charming sequel to the Christmas classic, The Snowman.  When a young boy and his mother move to a new home, the boy discovers a secret box hidden under the floorboards of his bedroom.  In the box, he finds a hat, scarf, some lumps of coal and a shriveled tangerine – it’s a snowman-making kit!  Later that day it starts to snow.  The boy builds a snowman, and with a little spare snow left over, a Snowdog.  That night they come to life and take him on a wonderful adventure.


This is a wonderful sequel to the original movie (have you ever seen it?)  Our daughter received The Snowman book when she was very young from her aunt, and it was always a favorite to read.  Billy is bright and curious and your children will relate to the character well.  The adventure he goes on to the annual snowman party is fun and lots of recognizable places in London are part of the animated scape as they fly there.  An appearance by Father Christmas tops the event off!  A gift from him does something surprisingly magical that your children will love.

Raymond Briggs’ iconic children’s book The Snowman follow the wonderful adventures of a young boy and the remarkable Snowman he creates.  Adapted for the screen in 1982, the Oscar-nominated film has enchanted generations of children.  On the 30th anniversary of the original film, Briggs has given his blessing to this brand-new sequel.  The magic is about to begin all over again, and this time with a new set of friends.  We love this DVD and it would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

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  1. Our favorite movie's we watch are A Christmas Story and National Lampoons Christmas.

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